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Kuroshitsuji Characters Guide – 黒執事 キャラクターガイド その執事、集合 (単行本)

Posted on: February 10, 2009

New book.

9784757525054Kuroshitsuji Characters Guide – 黒執事 キャラクターガイド その執事、集合
Release Date: 2009.02.27
ISBN: 978-475752505

It’s a characters guide book. Includes settei roughs, characters info, etc, (so I assume it’s anime geared), and also interview with the author, 3-fold poster… I’m sold! 😀

* Update 2009.03.02
I’m very surprised! It is an extremely good quality, very high quality book. It is also hardback!
The poster insert is from the same image that you see on the cover, very cute! The book provide a good wealth of Kuroshitsuji info from the original works (manga). I really recommend it for Kuroshitsuji fans! The mangaka’s rough sketches of the characters are awesome too!
By the way, for fans of the anime Kuroshitsuji, there’s another book that will be released on 2009.03.27 “TV Animation Kuroshitsuji Black Record”. Will provide info on it later!

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