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Kuroshitsuji NDS Game “黒執事 Phantom & Ghost”

Posted on: February 11, 2009

Release Date: 2009.03.19

Limited Edition
黒執事 ファントム アンド ゴースト 爵位認定ボックス(限定版)

Normal Edition
黒執事 ファントム アンド ゴースト(通常版)



Looks like they’ve sold out the Limited Edition initially. They might sell more after the release date, but probably the price won’t be discounted…

The Limited Edition (Earl Recognition Box)「限定版爵位認定BOX」includes the following goodies:

c20090113_kuro_04_cs1w1_640x3931 Phantomhive Family Crest ring (replica! you silly), for those of you who dream of stealing Ciel’s ring for ransom.

c20090113_kuro_06_cs1w1_640x393 Phantomhive crest bearing wax (to be used to seal envelope using the ring above to make the seal. For those of you who want to make your invitation to a death match duel with your fellow fangirls an official one.

c20090113_kuro_05_cs1w1_640x393 Cell phone screen cleaner strap (with Phantomhive family crest); for those whose cell phone actually has a slot to attach a strap to, and who’d actually use it to clean the dirty sweat and oil on the cell phone screen (@.@;

Official website is here.

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