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黒執事18話 – Kuroshitsuji ep. 18

Posted on: February 12, 2009


William!!! William!!! の出番だぁぁぁ!!!(>o< /

I think I should write the staffs @ mbs + Kuroshitsuji producers and kiss thank them! Just when I was biatching complaining about them not appearing to put the Circus arc into this season (thus I can’t see more of William), they squeezed him in episode 18! Yay! Woooh, and fans of Undertaker, hold your breath!!! Guess who he might be ^_-

Alright for now, will write later, I have a compulsive urge to watch this episode again on TV, since it left me disatisfied because I was expecting more, it ended too abrupt (….pfff! think I wouldn’t have recorded for later pleasureable viewing until I get the DVDs? hah!) Speaking of DVD, why won’t they release blu-ray?

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