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黒執事19話 – Kuroshitsuji ep. 19

Posted on: February 19, 2009


kuroshitsuji-19Tanaka-san to the rescue?!?!!!

Well, what did I tell you? Don’t mess with drugs or it’ll get you arrested… And our Sebasちゃん, the devil that he is, can’t even escape the fate of iron maiden…. Maybe I should recap the episode rather than twist the past (story) like Angela and end up impaled to the ceiling by three two gorgeous non-humans and an okama. (hmm…)

In this episode, Ciel Holmes and Dr. Sebastian Watson investigate a murder that had to do with a new kind of illegal drug that’s more potent than Lau’s specialty opium. And lo and behold, the Phantomhive brand candies contain cocaine this new drug called Lady Blanc. Looks like you’re going down, young count von Phantomhive! In the 19th century, everyone is totally guilty until proven innocent y’know. But since Ciel is underage, Scotland Yard’s own actual Holmes and Watson (not really) decided instead to take Sebastian downtown (London) and have a little fun inquisition with a whole bunch of medieval torture devices. It’s ok, Sebas can handle it! Now, whether Sebas would rather see Ciel go through those, being the ‘ど-S’ that he is, but for the sake of drooling female fans, our dear producers thought by having Sebas go through it would rake up the rating and sell more DVD’s and make more people buy DVD’s and then there’s a chance to come up with a new season because they can’t squeeze the Circus arc into the little few episodes left for the current season, so now that next episode is #20, meaning only what 4 episodes left for them to come up with a good story to end the season with, or a cliffhanger to lure us Kuroshitsuji fans into believing that there actually might be another season after this one, and then end up not doing it, but instead squeeze the “extra” episodes into the packaged DVD’s, so those who didn’t plan to buy DVD’s are forced to buy DVD’s, thus I’m going in circles and have already forgotten that I was supposed to recap ep.19 but ended up ranting aimlessly. Well, someone else will do a better job at recapping this episode anyway, so let me have my own little fun :p

Did I mention that I would really love to see the Circus/Noah arc animated? I want to see the cat-lover-to-the-extreme Sebastian’s face inside the tiger’s mouth! (now, who is どーS?!) >:-)

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