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2 more new Kuroshitsuji books, and the freebie sticker that came with Lacrimosa CDS+DVD…

Posted on: March 3, 2009

TVアニメーション黒執事 Black Record (HMV)
TVアニメーション黒執事 Black Record (Amazon)
ISBN 4757525354
Release date: 2009.03.27
1890 yen
This one is the animation version of Kuroshitsuji, including interviews with staff etc, and of course lots and lots of illustrations too.


黒執事アンソロジー 虹執事 (HMV)
黒執事アンソロジー 虹執事 (Amazon)
ISBN 4757525303
Release date: 2009.03.27
650 yen
This one is an official collection of manga style anthology as drawn by famous creators with their original styles. Judging from the title and sub-title, I’m sure it’s full of gags! 🙂 It’s also released by Square Enix.

I just placed my preorders with another bookstore, since my favorite Amazon store seems not to be selling neither books. I’ll update with images of the books later if I can find them somewhere…
(Update 2009.03.16: Amazon started selling those books. Links added)
(Update 2009.03.22: books’ images up)

Release date: 2009.03.04
1576 yen (Amazon discount: 1338 yen)
This one comes with pic of dead Ciel (sorry, but he looks like he is dead, I mean, he’s lying on a bed of white roses, inside a boat… ok fine, we’ll just say, he’s sleeping peacefully…) This scan is from our friend. I bought the CDS that doesn’t have DVD but comes with wide foldout of Sebastian (rowing the boat as we see in the ED2 -see below)

Lacrimosa [Single] [Maxi]
Release date: 2009.03.04
1223 yen
This one doesn’t include the DVD (music video), but comes with a foldout of Sebastian. The image is that of Sebastian rowing the boat with white rose petals floating as seen in ED2. I’ll scan mine later if I can’t find a better image elsewhere :p (I don’t like scanning :p
Below is what I could scrape off from Kalafina‘s official website A^.^; and that’s the tiny size they give us. So stingy!


6 Responses to "2 more new Kuroshitsuji books, and the freebie sticker that came with Lacrimosa CDS+DVD…"

Hello there, pretty resourceful blog on Kuroshitsuji you got here! (: I was looking for details regarding the “Black Record” book, and I stumbled upon your site. And your description helped me more than anything else, so thank you very much! I will also bookmark your blog so I can check back for any Kuroshitsuji updates.

Hello! Thank you for your comment and welcome! I’m very happy the info has been useful to you 🙂 Feel free to drop in anytime. I’m quite new to WordPress so there are features that I’m not quite familiar yet. But I’ll try to improve. Thanks again for dropping by!

same with me xD i bookmarked this page too for new updates thank you so much also. i loved the screen shots and how vivd the “true form” was….i wonder if maybe his hair just gets longer? lol…….ive also commented on ep 24 and the ep 24 2-1 thing.

Hi 🙂
Yeah! I was also thinking that his hair got longer! 🙂

is there any place better that you would recommend to buy anything kuroshitsuji being DVDs, books, manga, poster, ect. i would most appreciative 😀

For books, DVDs I like
Because Amazon JP always has discounts on pre-releases (26% off) and the discount goes on even way after the release dates, and they ship overseas. also ship overseas, but their item availability is kind of limited.

Posters, I think you’d have better luck if you go to Yahoo Japan auctions.
And toys and junk, you can either find (sometimes) on Amazon JP too! Or, you can buy from
Also, is a very cool place too (discounts!)
But, they don’t ship overseas.
So, I think you might be able to order toys and games from
but they don’t have discount prices, but at least they ship overseas while other places don’t.

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