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黒執事22話 – Kuroshitsuji ep. 22

Posted on: March 12, 2009

お・女・王・さまダッコkuroshitsuji222What’d I tell you, Ash = Angela >:-)

Alright, only 2 more episodes till the finale (unless the anime producers pities us fans and give us an extra 2 or so). And so now that we know what’s going on, despite how the manga is going on, I just hope the anime producers are nice enough to leave an open end so that it leaves them more room in the future should they obtain budget for more Kuroshitsuji animated :p
Sure, kill off Angela/Ash, return the queen to her original form, like other anime that kill off the characters not in the manga… WAIT! that would mean Puru-Puru would…. <GASP!> Ok, then leave Puru-Puru be, just destroy that collar that he’s wearing and we’ll all be happy. (Can you tell my real opinion on how the anime’s going to end? heheh I am アクマでマンガ派ですから) If the design for Angela/Ash is too precious to be killed off then have a higher rank angel take A/A into custody like William did to Grell, so the production can use them again as situation conveniently calls for them.

Anyway, this episode can be summarized as the following:
“Oh Sebastian, Sebastian! wherefore art thou Sebastian? …I’m hungry and the cat hates me.”
てへっ〜 😀
Ok ok, since I’m sensing 殺気 from certain vistors, and at the same time I don’t want to spoil until more people have watched this episode, just let me make a little statement that the title for this episode also suggests…… Whawt?!!! Sebastian is cancelling the contract with Ciel???!! O_o えぇぇぇぇぇ〜〜〜ん????!!!「全てを忘れ、幸せな夢を」+あの優しそうなスマイルってなんですかぁ?!!!そしてそして、あの黒猫ってなんでしょうかぁ?!!(謎↓)


Alright, now back to my aimless and nothing to do with the episode rant….
I have a hunch Grell will make his appearance in the manga soon, since William was complaining about lack of staff. And hopefully Toboso-san will draw up more and more significant shinigami with eyeglasses (hey! the image of men in black pops up! though Toboso-san might come up with a lady shinigami as well)… And since, as usual, I went off course again from the anime review, let me save my fingers and rest and see you again next week for semi-感想 for ep.23, unless other interesting things come up before. Cheerios!

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