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ANIPLEX booth will have a Kuroshitsuji corner

Posted on: March 16, 2009

In case you guys/girls are interested…

3/18 ~ 3/21 Tokyo International Anime Fair at the Big Sight.

At the ANIPLEX booth (K-01), there will be an exhibition of “Kuroshitsuji”.
There is going to be a lifesize standing signboard of the illustration from DVD vol.1 (limited edition), with Ciel’s face taken out, so that you can get a friend to take a picture of your own face posed as Ciel next to Sebastian.
<<info taken from Kuroshitsuji official website>>

Click the link for more information about Tokyo Interenational Anime Fair 2009.

Personally, I don’t really care for those type of pictures where you pose your own face, nobody in real life can match a manga or anime character artwise (or it would be very scary looking; not to mention that you’re actually decapitating defacing the character that you love and put your own in its place). Now, but if I can steal buy the lifesize (or larger than life) signboard or poster without anyone’s face cut out, that would be nice…
By the way, have you seen these posters last year?

200439388a closer look200439391Big poster is good!
(Question is, where at home do I display it? I already have TeniPri’s Tezuka and Fuji lifesize manga style signboard and they’re being stored away since 2003, so it makes me rethink why in the first place I got them)

Anyway, Anime Fair! That means more toys and junk for me to buy, yay! (whack self)

P.S. The pix above are borrowed from the official Kuroshitsuji’s Staff Blog. The pix are dated 2008.10.

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