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That is, according to April 2009 issue of G-Fantasy, the Kuroshitsuji anime post recording report corner.
And this time, it was for the finale (*sniff) episode.
Apparently, the 1st half involves some serious battle between (or should I say, including) Undertaker, William, Grell. And we’ll get to see the usually composed William getting mad (wooo~!). Next, of course Ash/Angela getting in a trance, and then a big surprise for fans:

We’ll get to see Sebastian’s true form!!

(and to Toboso-san and assistant’s surprise, he’s wearing stilleto (pinheel)… @.@ huh?! haha! okkkkay… They said that he appeared in the original manga with that too). Where? you mean I have to visually scan all 6 volumes to fine tune a tiny pic that’s semi-blocked by huge sound effect writings? But beyond this, please don’t tell me Sebasu-chan is like Ash/Angela! I don’t want to be traumatized again A^.^;
For the time being, let me just assume they’re talking about Grell wearing stilleto.

The shoe in question…p-1600-1200-49a85fd7-2061-4769-8f1a-106e00f226d6.jpegfrom G-Fantasy 2009.04 issue

Anyway, and then Ciel (will) say (I guess in a gentle or concerned voice) to the battle damaged Sebastian, “Does it hurt?” (¬_¬) (@.@)
<< actually, after watching ep.24, it turns out that Ciel’s asking Sebastian if it (him taking his soul) would hurt.  To which he answers, a bit, but he’d do it as gentle as possible >>

Also, there will be Soma, Agni, Elizabeth, Paula in the next episode… Does that mean… they have a new season in mind???!!! Am I only day/nightdreaming?

OK! I officially, cannot wait to see the final episode!!!

By the way, ch.31 of the manga is quite… hmm… children getting killed is a bit harsh. But hey! The cultish mystery of what Ciel went through a couple of years ago seems to be coming to light. Let’s hope the manga is not ending either!!!


A minute into the game…


↑Hehehe! “どS” Sebastian even in game. YAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I hope they put more!
And 相変わらず、フィニーは「バカ、失礼いたしました、うちのダメガードなー」です(according to Sebasu) :) 🙂 🙂

Anyway, I finally opened the box.
Seriously, I bought the collector’s edition. But I really don’t know what for…. Good thing I bought it at a discounted price. Let’s see, the seal ring that I know I won’t wear, the Phantonmhive wax that I won’t be using, and the Phantomhive cell phone screen cleaner strappy that I can’t/won’t be using, and can’t use because my cell phone is an iPhone (no strap hole).
The really really nice letter set that is 勿体ない to use…. The only thing that I might make the use of of is probably the extra manga version cover.
Anyway, game time! Like other DS games based on manga/anime, it’s got plenty of the seiyuus voice, but it’s not enough. It would be so nice if they would include voices to “all” the dialogues—- but then again, it’s a NDS game, not PS2 or 3. ↑↑←←↑combo↓→→↓ Hyaa!!!
I’m talking as if I know so much about games, when, the fact is, this is the first video game of any console that I put my hands on in 2009 A^o^;;;; It’s been so long I took the NDS out that I forgot where the touch pen slot was (-.-) Right, I’m not a game player at all (wait, does iPhone’s game apps count?)
Anyway, lunch time!

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