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NDS Kuroshitsuji earcandies & eyecandies….

Posted on: March 24, 2009

A minute into the game…


↑Hehehe! “どS” Sebastian even in game. YAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I hope they put more!
And 相変わらず、フィニーは「バカ、失礼いたしました、うちのダメガードなー」です(according to Sebasu) :) 🙂 🙂

Anyway, I finally opened the box.
Seriously, I bought the collector’s edition. But I really don’t know what for…. Good thing I bought it at a discounted price. Let’s see, the seal ring that I know I won’t wear, the Phantonmhive wax that I won’t be using, and the Phantomhive cell phone screen cleaner strappy that I can’t/won’t be using, and can’t use because my cell phone is an iPhone (no strap hole).
The really really nice letter set that is 勿体ない to use…. The only thing that I might make the use of of is probably the extra manga version cover.
Anyway, game time! Like other DS games based on manga/anime, it’s got plenty of the seiyuus voice, but it’s not enough. It would be so nice if they would include voices to “all” the dialogues—- but then again, it’s a NDS game, not PS2 or 3. ↑↑←←↑combo↓→→↓ Hyaa!!!
I’m talking as if I know so much about games, when, the fact is, this is the first video game of any console that I put my hands on in 2009 A^o^;;;; It’s been so long I took the NDS out that I forgot where the touch pen slot was (-.-) Right, I’m not a game player at all (wait, does iPhone’s game apps count?)
Anyway, lunch time!

6 Responses to "NDS Kuroshitsuji earcandies & eyecandies…."

Hmm~ would you recommend this game to someone who doesn’t understand much Japanese? My friend liked the anime very much and was thinking of getting it but hesitating due to the language. :O

You’re probably asking the wrong person :p
Because I would recommend anything Kuroshitsuji at this point A^.^;
Seriously, the story mode is all in Japanese. As for the in between little games, some are quite intuitive, some you have to read the instructions. But once you go pass what to do, everything is intuitive, it is rated for everyone afterall… But, I would say it depends how your friend can figure out things even without the knowledge of any language… I’d say if she doesn’t mind spending money just to hear a bit of extra voices, see extra beautiful pictures, etc., I’d say go ahead. Your friend can always sell it later if gets tired of it. The game is afterall made for fans, not for serious gamers 🙂

lol~ that’s true xD I can tell you’re really crazy about this series.

Thanks for your recommendation. I’ll let my friend know and see if she decides to get it… ^^

Yeah, it’s basically a new story game and is ‘just for fun for fans’ and has cute side games. If she’s a serious gamer, she’d probably be disappointed. But if she’s a crazy fan like me who doesn’t mind killing time just to have a momental joy of continuing looking/hearing at the Kuroshitsuji characters, then by all means 😀

ha i have this its awesome! XD, but since i’m still learning japanese i have trouble understanding what theyre saying, so sometimes i get bad end =(

I haven’t touched the game for a long time. But I thought I saw something that you can undo your current choice and go back to the previous. Either that or you can just keep saving before a choice that you don’t understand 😀 (a friend did that, but maxed out the saving slots ^^;

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