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黒執事 24話 – Kuroshitsuji ep 24

Posted on: March 26, 2009

… (¬_¬)…

<< this post contains ***SPOILERS***!!!>>

Sure! They “supposedly” showed Sebastian’s real form, but the most we could see was his shoes! (ToT)
And I was so excitingly expecting to see his real form! (>o<#
Rewind a little bit, the hentai Ash/Angela still showed interest in Sebastian. Sebastian refuses the offer by saying he’s not interested in a woman who fornicates with dogs (@o@!? She and Pluto??! no way!), so Ash/Angela suggests that if he doesn’t want to accept the woman form, then accept him as a man (I’m about to get traumatized again—hey hey! Ciel! cover your ears!).

k24-1Me she or me he?

So, of course, Sebastian doesn’t want neither man or woman, because he prefers kodomo, I mean Ciel.

k24-21No, you hentai fangirls! Unlike what your minds are telling you about this scene, Sebastian is simply telling Ciel to close his eyes and don’t open until he says so, as he’s about to reveal his true form, and is too ‘ugly’ for his master to look at.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, Sebastian’s real form. And of course, as I suspected, his true form is 99% covered by black feathers, and what we can see more are his teeth (yeah, flip through the manga, the mouth+teeth are there) and a pair of stilletos (eyes don’t count, since we see those often). So I wasn’t too thrilled about that.

k24-3Shoe brand: Prada
((why? …because “The Devil Wears Prada” mwhahahaha))

Then Sebastian beats Ash/Angela to a pulpy death, and makes him look like a gigantic dead bird stuck on the Tower Bridge. So now what? He takes Ciel on a boat ride to that place that looks like the very end scene from the OP. And……. New season confirmed!!

Just kidding. That’s just my wishful statement. But the ending leaves us with a “whawt?” so we might as well assume that it is an open ending. Because leaving it like that is like having had a great dinner but the main event dessert is missing.

Agni and Soma “are” in London, doing some charity work, so if there’s a possibility of a new season (or OVA, or extra episodes that come with manga, DVD, etc) that they can start synchronizing with the manga, no? 🙂 Why? Because I say so! they (producers) returned Queen Victoria to her original form (the loving grandmotherly type), and she addresses to the Londoners, so she’s still alive (well, historically, 1901 is when she died, but since it’s anime they can do whatever they like, itsuwari no queen or not). And the commissioner has a new assistant. And they still did not cover what those cult people do to Ciel, what’s up with Tanaka-san, etc etc… see? lots of things not elaborated.

k24-7don’t worry, boys and girls, the 3 are still alive!

Oh, apparently, the 3 baka helps killed Pluto (*sniff) because when Ciel asked Sebastian during the boat ride, Sebastian says if he should collect Pluto’s bones afterwards (*sniff*sniff). Also during the boat ride, Sebastian gives Tanaka-san’s diary for Ciel to read (because the boat ride is very boring(:p)). It appears that Ciel’s dad already knew that his life is in danger because he already knew what the queen planned to do with Phantomhive, but he said he didn’t hate the queen for it (gee, he’s so blindly loyal to the the queen too) because it was just like another era passing, and that Tanaka was not to tell Ciel because he wanted Ciel to continue his loyal service to the queen even after he (Ciel’s dad) gets killed (why?)

k24-4Hmm… and to think Ciel would grow up looking like this (with mom’s sapphire blue eyes instead, and without Atobe’s trademark)…

So, all these revelations without revealing anything just makes it open for a new season. So… I’d say, buy the DVDs! Buy them all! Contribute enough to make them think it’s worth making a new season!

They can start off the new season, picking up from the very last scene of ep.24…. Like ‘just as Sebastian was about to eat Ciel’s soul, he realizes that if he does, then the contract is done and no more cats (hehe) But more importantly, he realizes if he takes Ciel’s soul, there won’t be Ciel anymore …

k24-6what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but in this scene, Sebastian proposes to Ciel and gives him a ring. But since Sebasu’s ring finger along with his entire arm was missing, the whole thing was interrupted…
(if you believe me I’ll tell you another one too)

At the close end of ep.24, Ciel tells Sebastian that after he takes his sould, to feed what’s left of him to the bird. Next Ciel asks him will it hurt, Sebastian answers that he’d be as gentle as possible, but Ciel says no, to make it hurt as much as possible, so that the pain can be carved into the soul… (to which it surprises Sebastian and yet just as he expects of Ciel)… SO, you think Sebastian’s going to give all these up?! No, right? so there will be a new season (this is a typical reaction of a fan who refuses to accept the end of a favorite anime, haha!)
…. PLUS, we can always have Sebastian decide to keep being a butler since he enjoys being Ciel’s slave doing housework so much anyway….’ (whistles and looks away)


k24-5You’ll get to see us more if there’s a new season
(come get your curry bread as a bribe to write the producers!)

There better be a continuation or else!


I took screencaps of the images in question from a better resolution file, and did a high contrast so that we may see Sebastian’s real form a bit better… but still, not much better.
k24-9Check out the bottom part of the heel, so it’s literally pin-heel, awesome!
I’m sure if I wear those I’ll fall anytime though.

k24-11Even like this, we can only see the red eyes.

k24-101This is a better view definitely. Except, the animators screwed up the position of Sebastian’s other side’s flying hair douga at the bottom (no, it’s not a goatee).  It’s pretty obvious that the top hair (bang?) and the bottom hair action frame is on the same douga, as we can see the unnatural position of the hair on the top part.  Hopefully they’ll fix it for the DVD release.

So yeah, the technical boo-boo affected my conviction about the animators under deadline and stress, but it didn’t affect that of Sebastian’s  (殴)

k24-232To ease the minds of all of you who are wondering.  It is only a technical error by the animation staff; not a goatee or goat beard!  Mismatching a layer or mis-positioning a layer, or other animation production issues happen a lot in anime.  It’s quite common, especially during action scenes, or production staff under  deadline.  And they usually fix it right up for the upcoming DVD release.

So what can we say about Sebastian’s true form? Not as “ugly” as he tells Ciel. And he’s wearing a turtleneck type all black thing, and black stilleto boots thing. And his teeth need cosmetic restoration (if he were human). Other than that, we have no better idea.
But from the little profile views that we can have a glimpse of, I’d say Sebastian’s real form is still pretty kakko ii, don’t you think?  🙂

“douga” =  動画 = though literally it means ‘moving picture’,  in technical term for anime/animation production, it’s the drawn production layer usually of a moving part in animation.  The moving part can be the entire character, or just the mouth, or just the hair, or just the hand, etc etc. Nowadays because the anime is CG, the douga* are scanned and made necessary changes such as coloring, positioning, etc, right on a computer.  Afterwards, the finished project gets to be used for the actual anime that we see when they go on air.  If there are any mistakes made during the production for air, they will make the correction for the DVD release.  This is usually the case, depending on which anime studio.  So, if you look carefully, you may see differences between what you see from the anime you grabbed from TV and from DVD.  The differences may be very subtle, and sometimes may be very distinct.


33 Responses to "黒執事 24話 – Kuroshitsuji ep 24"

Thanks to email from one of the readers asking about me subbing it 🙂

I don’t mind subbing this episode, except, I don’t know how to make fansubs except the cheap and ancient way (type words directly on a freeze frame, haha!)
Besides, I might not be able to control myself and might end up capping some idiotic comments like I do on my posts A^.^;

I think there’s already English fansub group for Kuroshitsuji, no? I’m sure they’ll sub it really soon.

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

Thank you very much!!

If it was a goatee I would have balked. But it sure looks like one. And oh gosh, the stiletto boots. The trauma. A guy wearing high heeled boots. Just when I was hoping for the rumors to be false… D: Anyway we don’t know how “ugly” he means, since we can’t make out much anyway, haha. Sebastian’s such a tease.

Ashela got it coming. Ho.

And thanks for the uh, images! (:

Hahaha!!! Yep! If it were a goatee I might as well jump off the Tower Bridge too (wait, that didn’t come out entirely right —- Ciel, don’t worry, it’s not a goatee! Swim back up! never mind, Sebastian’s on his way)

Really though, I checked when I was picking out which frame to grab. The bottom hair douga layers from other action frames are going all over the places (even free standing) when they’re supposed to be superimposed along the lower chin douga layer (thank goodness, in a way).

But, the stilletto boots part is puzzling…..

Haha, lets hope that it was a mistake on the animators part alright. What’s so puzzling about the stiletto boots? Not that it wasn’t shocking enough…

I just can’t picture Sebastian’s whole body with stilletto boots. I mean, ok, bat wings check, long sharp nails/claws check, hair black check, red eyes check, fangs check, all in black check, … and then the stiletto part is the (?) and (!) hahaha!

Nice touch there with the brightened pics XD

Hmm I think was quite a good ending ^^ way better than expected. Ah~ Ciel’s soul must have tasted yummy after all these time Sebby took to nurture/corrupt/seduce it. But what a waste, isn’t it. *sigh*Ciel had so much more potential *points at Ciel’s Dad*

Anyway, my guess is that that Sebby’s true form would have him adorned with horns of a goat we typically see in usual depictions of the Devil.

The stiletto boots? Probably an improvised version of (goat’s) hoofs. Sebby probably has a tail too, along with the claws, wings and sharp teeth… But I think that little bit of black hair is his goatee you know, altho the douga seemed to mess it up.

I think it was a good ending too 🙂 Just not enough ^.^ I just love they left the closing with “Saa, bocchan…..” So they pretty much leave it to us to imagine what’s said later, and also leave it open for them to anything (if there’s sequel), shrewd! :p

Hmmm, I dont’ think Sebastian is “THE” Devil, otherwise, somewhere they would have used Maou (魔王)to address him or something. Remember after Soma and Agni said about their goddess Kali killed some powerful demon, and Sebastian commented that he should be careful then if he ever goes there (India), haha!

But, one thing I found so funny is what Sebastian said about Angela/Ash, “what a fallen one” (“…落ちた者だ”). And that came out from a demon’s mouth, so we can imagine that’s pretty bad, no? 🙂

It’s definitely not a goatee, looking at the other frames, because the hair lines super(sub?)-impose along his throat line, and with breaks; so unless he has goatee on his throat instead of the chin…

*nods* for such a popular series, it is smart of them to leave a flexible enough ending like that kekeke

Hahaha I also liked that scene about Sebby feeling worried about visiting India XD

Mmm, cos Sebby seemed to be so confident about his position and also his comment about Angela/Ash got me thinking he wasn’t just another “demon” ^^

I really hope so they do! The last episode kind of provided some of the ingredients for them to synch with manga story. Like no more Puru-puru, no more Angela/Ash, and the queen in the old-age form, lots of shinigami like the author suggested, etc, the helps are all alive… now, if they kill off Paula then… (^_^;
Just kidding! I like Paula too. Just anything to have them have a continuation! hahaha

After reading all these comments and what i feel about this ending….i think it may be an open ending and a new season is under way and mayb new eps on the DVDs or an OVA who knows… makes perfect sense for the next ep to have sebastian change his mind and something big happens after that or he does eat it but something miraculous happens who knows……. and someone mentioned that buying all the DVDs and anything else would help make them think of making a new season…it would and of course id be one of them!! lol. I actually kept rewinding the last half of the ep and to the part of him “revealing his true form” over and over about 6x…>_> i couldnt help it xD. This anime wasn’t too dark for me at all i actually enjoy things like this and hope also that more anime introduced will be related to this 😀 man oh man IF YOUR READING THIS RELAY THE WORD OF MAKING A NEW SEASON…if it isnt already under way….

I hope they do!! They have to do something to appease the fans demanding for more, no? :p
The Japanese fans are also demanding for more. Some also asked for re-run……. Re-run??! No, people! Don’t ask for re-run! Ask for continuation!! >_<

By the way, let’s see what happens after the Kuroshitsuji musical. I don’t care for musicals, but if it’s a success, maybe it’ll hint something to the studio… @_@
(or rather, $_$ haha!)

also…im no huge hentai/yuri/yaoi fanatic although i do like that…..i did have a quick “dirty” thought of the scene with ciel beneath sebastian after the blast from ash/angela xD guilty i know haha. The part that im still a little puzzled about is why ash wanted to “mate” with sebastian it wasnt explained very well and i wonder where they were going to perform it xD cant help it. I do love it when his eyes glow…makes you wonder what exactly is he going to do(how hes going to kill) xD

Hahaha!! you know, when I heard what Ash/Angela said to Sebastian after he rejects “Angela”, I was rolling, because my yaoi friend totally wanted to take it “that” way! hahaha!
Ash said “if you don’t accept me as female, then I’ll be as the sun, remain as male, and pierce deep into you (with the sword that Ash was holding)” Hahahah! So that is why my yaoi fan friend totally WANTED to misunderstand that part!

To your question about why Ash/Angela wanted to become one with Sebastian. It’s in eps.23. He said that after the world has been purified, light and night, male and female, light and darkness, all becomes as one as it returns to the original form that “Father” had loved, some crazy stuff like that. Remember that Ash/Angela is crazy, and fallen, just as Sebastian said (in ep.24), and in a twisted way heshe thinks that Ash/Angela (the “oh-so-pure” yeah right) also should become as one with Sebastian (the “oh-so-not-pure”).
Uhm… I’m only human, but even I can suspect there’s some schizo talk there.

(Hey! this reminds me of that movie Constantine, of a crazy angel who made a pact with Satan’s son to destroy human race because he’s jealous of humans being because they are so unconditionally loved by God)

You know what! I was thinking of the same thing! xD how ironic hahaha! I remebered that part in ep 23 when ash/angela said that but i was like “and?…..then what? XDD! And as for your yaoi fan frined i dont blame them since i was hoping something might happen in that way XDD. And about sebastian in a way wanting to become one with heshe i could tell because of that subtle look he kept giving in the last couple eps but was always interrupted! Haha. I keep thinking about the ending though and making up continuations for it like, “well maybe hes asking ciel what type of torture he wants to further his pain or something” because i kept thinking about how he always says “then….young master” expecting ciel to ask for something…in this case a way out? I wonder.

Hahahaha! Yeah, if you turn off the volume and watch without sound, then your mind can let your imagination go wild! 😀
(what am I saying???!!!)

oh! And also another thing that is boggling my mind(yes boggling xD) is the part i previously mentioned about ciel beneath sebastian where he tells him to “close his eyes so he doesnt have to witness his ‘ugly’ true form”, like he cared, when in the end ciel would see it anyways when sebastian ate his soul. _-_ lol

haha! who knows, maybe as long as Ciel’s alive he’s not going to let him see his true form 😀

Aha! “as long as he is alive” hahaha there are so many possibilities though i cant stop dwelling on it XD. And yes! Anything for a continuation! 😀

By any chance do you know what the name of the song that is in the last part of ep 24? ( though it is also throughout the series when things have gone wrong) I’ve been looking everywhere and i don’t know. The song with the woman singing starts after Ciel says “Don’t. Make it as painful as you can. Carve the pain in my life, into my soul.” I would most appreciate it thank you!

I just looked at the ED credits, but it sure doesn’t list that song. So I think the only way is to wait and see if they would release the soundtrack for Kuroshitsuji, then they may include that song in the soundtrack CD. Hopefully 🙂

I’ve seen many dreadful things, but this one had me in tears for a long time. To be honest with you, the only reason I cried was because I thought the servants died! D8 And I like them, they’re so cute. I don’t accept that it was the end, there’s a new season “coming out” sometime in January 2010.. I’m hoping. But anyway in the end they leave extremely unrelevant that Ciel dies at all and that the three others do not pass away. And because of those things left untold that the “new season” won’t be a remake but rather another amazing regular season of continuation. I’m hoping that maybe Ciel and Sebby will just have ONE small moment, I’d think they’d go good for some reason. Sebby seems to care more than I thought he would in the beginning and so does Ciel. I thought it’d be “demon working for human” with no feelings or compassion in between the two. When in the end, it’s obvious they had something, friendship maybe, maybe more. I don’t know. ;P I enjoyed it.. — too much, to be honest. And it seems that with an imagination and creativity of that director, he/she wouldn’t leave such things at that state. I could go on and on, but I’ll close this up here.

I know what you mean. The last episode kind of left me ???!???, sort of like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. You really might want to pick up the manga. It’s still going on strong and the latest arc (Noah and the Circus people arc) is really, really good! Lots of actions and we get to see how the four Phantomhive helps ‘defend’ the Phantomhive mansion from attacks when the Ciel and Sebastian are away. Pretty brutal I may add, comparing to the anime rendition of the defense 😀
And to the lighter side, Sebastian takes a bit too far in “caring” for the sick Ciel, very funny! Check the manga!
I’m also hoping for the studio to make a new season for Kuroshitsuji. This time, maybe just follow the manga. I’m not saying the TV anime version is bad of course; in fact, it’s good, it’s very good, but not enough for me 😀

listen everyne i have seen the second season! I’s a new butler and a new boy. Ciel, Sebastian and all other caracters are not in the second season!!! 😦

The Second Season has most characters from before, but the is now a new Earl. Along with Ciel, there is an Earl Known as Alois Trancy. He has a demon butler named Claude Faustus.(something like that).
Watch the new season. Its amazinggg.

Hi! Welcome and thanks for your comments! 🙂
Indeed K2 is getting very interesting!
Please go to the top page for my newest posts. I think you’re seeing only my old posts from last year.

I love the screenshot you’ve got of Ciel’s father – and, inspired by your comment that he looks like what you think Ciel would look like when he’s older, I did a few edits on the picture in GIMP (darkened the hair, made the eyes blue, got rid of the mark), and now it looks even more like an adult Ciel! He looks great, but Sebastian still looks better. Anyway, I can’t believe there isn’t any fan art of Ciel as an adult out there, but I haven’t been able to find any.

Hi! Thanks for the comment!
You mean out of all those hundreds (or thousands?) of Kuroshitsuji doujinshi, nobody drew an adult Ciel?
Amazing! 😀



Its just so right and wrong at the same time when i think about Angela and Pluto.. If only Pluto could be a little more human-like and less doggy perhaps then i guess the whole sleeping with Angela thing wouldnt freak me out so much XD But at the same time the pairing kinda interests me ( gah such mix feelings i have..)

Heheh! I know what you mean.
Well, both Pluto and AngelAsh aren’t human, so at least that would freak us less then,… hopefully 😀

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