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Pandora Hearts, FMA2 anime, followed by…

Posted on: April 5, 2009

So…… will Pandora Hearts be faithful to the manga?  So far, ep.1 is, but anyways, throwing those thoughts aside, I can’t wait to see Raven!  (for those who haven’t read manga yet, he’s that cr……fmfmchmfffmgrfff….  Ok, my fingers are not obeying my thoughts, just google if you’re curious, if not, then just sit back & relax and enjoy the anime episodes as they come along)  

With FMA2, I’m very glad to hear that they are going to be faithful to the manga Yay!  That’s what I heard, but, how faithful?  That movie gave me a sort of migraine, but aside from that….
Anyway, being a videophile, I’m very happy to see TV FMA2 in HD widescreen format, maybe they’ll reease bluray? 😀 

Come to think of it, these are also by Square Enix, which means we will expect high quality if not also expensive official goods on the horizon, which reminds me maybe it’s time to preorder the Nendoroid Sebastian soon, and Nendoroid Ciel too if they’ve started taking preorders….

Speaking of ‘butler’,  I was so looking forward to Hayate 2, but the first episode was so-so, so I hope they pick it up.  Artwise, I much prefer the Hayate 1’s art style, but I guess I shouldn’t be too picky, since it was already cool enough for them to bring in the new season 🙂

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