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uhm…and here we have…

Posted on: April 8, 2009

For those who are interested (mainly, Japanese male idol fans?):

The cast for Kuroshitsuji the Musical.
This image is from magazine CAST-PRIX ZERO VOL.4
ISBN# 978-4813080329
For more info go here.


As anime Sebastian’s seiyuu Ono Daisuke in the manner of Mikawa Kai (from Seto no Hanayome)’s voice, roll on the ground and…. 「目が!目が!!」
Just kidding :p   It’s not bad at all if you’re fan of Japanese idol stars.

My preference is still manga/anime (ceaseless nods)
Love the costumes though!

<Update:  2009.06.15>
For those dying to watch it but couldn’t, there’s the DVD release for this musical with the release date of 2009.12.02

音楽舞闘会「黒執事」-その執事、友好- [期間限定生産]


4 Responses to "uhm…and here we have…"

interesting…whoever thought there would be a musical! Too bad its probably only in Japan ><

Yeah, only in Japan 🙂
Musicals based on manga and anime 😀

Erm, wow. I mean, pffft. Okay I don’t know what to make of this! There’s something funny that makes me want to just… laugh out loud. XD I think it’s their facial expressions.

I heard that the one that plays Ciel was in a live movie (or musical) for Prince of Tennis as the 4th Echizen Ryoma (hah! maybe he got the hair for it or something), and the one that plays Sebastian is an actor? singer?… I forgot. It should say so in some magazine or website somewhere, I’ll find out later ^^;

Oh, here, I posted on this blog before 😀
Here’s the link for
Kuroshitsuji Musical cast

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