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Pandora Hearts ep. 2

Posted on: April 11, 2009

pandorahearts2Why, hello there, mgmiamlffbfmgfm  Raven!
See what miracles tOOO can do? 😀  

I thought he’s going to appear around episode 3.  I guess someone couldn’t wait for him either, haha!
Ok, not much to comment, 2nd episode also follows manga fairly closely.  Though, I kind of wanted to see that part where Oz declared to his uncle about wanting to marry Sharon  (yeah, I was expecting him to say that instead of “where is Gil?” (¬_¬), so that was unexpected.  But, no big loss I guess.

The big bunny VS cult people was just in time for Easter!  hahaha!  But maybe you shouldn’t watch it with little kids whose innocent minds depict bunnies in pastel colors.  You’ve been warned, it’s not easy to calm down children who are crying in conjunction! 😀

*image is from official site.

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