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Pandora Hearts ep. 3

Posted on: April 17, 2009

pandorahearts03Alright!  And so now begins a series of multiple personality switches!  Ready for some migraines?
(though, I’m sure  we’ll be ok, since we got voices and movements and colors in anime)

I am happy!  They are following the manga 🙂
For those of you who are watching the anime for the first time (with no previous knowledge of the manga).  I hope you know by now who is this Raven which I kept talking about….  Ok, I give you another chance, guess it in the next episode then.

Anyways, Toriumi-san (Seiyuu for Raven) is having such a easy script this past 2 weeks for Pandora Hearts, almost a no brainer rehearsal I bet 😀  By the way, he’s one of the seiyuus that you totally cannot guess unless you read the credits.  I mean, would you have guessed that Chiba Susumu did the voices for Gintama’s Kondo, and at a 180 degree switch, he’s also the voice for Vampire Knight’s Ichijou.  Just like that 🙂
But Ishida-san is also such a great seiyuu!  In Pandora Hearts, he’s doing 2 different character’s voices.  One is Blake and the other is that nuigurumi (haha) on his shoulder 🙂
And of course, we have Naruto doing the voice of Oz :p   (Seiyuu:  Minagawa Junko) 
Huh?  What?  What did you say?  I’m not really recapping the episode?  Well then, read volume 1 of the manga 😀

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