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Gin-chan figI want!!! @_@ <drool x 102… the sweets are not included so drool x 100>
(yeah and so I placed the pre-order for this awesome Gin-chan figure aru)

It’s a whopping 245 mm, costs 6024 yen, and free shipping @ Amazom Japan aru. Amiami is 5024 yen but you have to pay 500 yen for shipping so it’s same aru. Food? What food? You don’t need food aru.
I’ll add more pix later aru…

P.S. yeah, aru! You’re lucky I haven’t started adding necromancer or kimi unk*…)

More pix here…
FIG-IPN-0510_04Detailed right down to the dead fish eyes.  Pretty cool, eh?  😀