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Big fans of Kuroshitsuji, REJOICE!!!!
It’s been decided!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m so happy that my mind went blank and I don’t know what else to write!)

Details will be along with the DVD vol.7 and 8 releases (beginning July 22), which also there will be an event announced as well. I’m sure soon we’ll hear and read all about it.

I knew it! I had faith in it! I expected it! WE DEMANDED IT!!! WE GOT IT!!! >:)

CielNotDeadYetI guess Sebas-chan likes him a little more than we thought, no? 😀
(or staff at the anime production studio offered his/her/their soul/souls in exchange with Ciel’s)

(((PLEASE let it be faithful to the MANGA this time!!!!))) 🙂

*Update: 2009.06.17*
For those who are dying to get the Soundtrack, here’s some info. I’ll include cover pix when they come up with a pic of the cover.
黒執事 サウンドコンプリート BLACK BOX [Compilation] [Soundtrack]
Release Date: 2009.08.26 [note that this OST production ends 2009.12. So get yours unless you don’t mind paying 300 times extra competing with crazed Kuroshitsuji fans on Yahoo Japan auctions, who missed the release availabilities]
Total 3 CDs. CD1&2 are soundtracks (to the poster with the comment regarding that particular song, it might be there!), CD3 is OP&ED + Sebastian’s chara songs that were previously released (why do they do that? I feel I’m rebuying things that I already have…. But Square Enix’s answer is the same ol’ “If you’re fan, you’ll give us more money”)
Oh well, I’ll overlook their $ practices, and look forward to the nice music in a nice packaging instead 😀

[2009.07.17 UPDATE]  Here’s the picture of the long awaited OST album 🙂

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Not really.
But check this out!

They actually built a life size Gundam, moving head and all 🙂
(but doesn’t shoot)
AMAZING! Next, please make a life size Code GEASS’s Knightmare Frame Lancelot too.
Hey it’s by Bandai too, so why not? (Though Gundam series fans might want to see Zaku instead)


And…who’s also a cosplayer?
Dress up like Lambo and get a free meal on July 10th! 😀
See here for more details.

LambinoBut people, please, refrain from acting like a 5 year old and from using the Bazooka, you might screw everything up!

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