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If you are like me who usually “skip” the usual OP to go straight to the episode, don’t get fooled by the seemingly same song “Easy Go”.  They changed some images this time!

We, finally, get to see REBORN in adult form (that’s not just a shadow) in anime (tho avid Weekly Jump manga readers already have already had a peek…. Doujinshi fans don’t count haha!  Ouch, who threw that?!!)

Plus, we get to see all the rest of the Arcobalenos in adult forms as well.
Here’s REBORN…

REBORN142 No wonder Bianchi is all over him….

Ladies, and the not-so ladies, and the self-called ladies, and you: Refine your lady etiquette by reading this new how-to book 【TVアニメ「黒執事」セバスチャンが教える 愛されるお嬢様マナー】that will be released on July 29th. Our own very super butler Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji will mold you into a lovely, well refined and mannered society LADY… or man-killer, or okama.

SC-tutor(This is proof that Sebastian can coach anyone into hell-o-va lady, even if…)

I wonder how much of the manners Sebastian teaches can be well-applied to the 21st Century culture of rudeness, I mean afterall Sebastian the Butler is from the 19th Century (*we have no information as of what Sebastian’s name and whereabouts are in the now 2009, since we already know he can live a very long time). But I’d double check with the latest edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette just in case, so people don’t think you’ve just stepped out of a steam motored time machine…… unless of course your daily routine includes having tea with the Queen.

Details will be provided, since as of now, I only know the book 「黒執事セバスチャンが教える 愛されるお嬢様マナー 」costs 1200 yen, and you can order it at

Oh, while you’re at it, check out this month’s Animage, Animedia, and Newtype (2009 August issues). There’re some Sebastian pictures that will make ladies swoon 🙂

[2009.07.17 UPDATE]
The book, 「黒執事セバスチャンが教える 愛されるお嬢様マナー 」, actually costs 1000 yen and the ISBN is 978-4056056211.

Kuroshitsuji fan girls and boys! The Kuroshitsuji DVD vol. 9 (release date is 2009.09.30) will include a never aired episode* 「その執事、興行」(tr. ‘That Butler, -Perfomance-‘) .  The limited edion DVD will also include this extra episode in a sepate DVD in the package, as ‘Special Edition’.

Ah…. such BLISS! I don’t know about you, but with the new season in horizon (though we have to wait till next year) plus this new extra episode in September, I must say I’m swimming in big expectations. I can’t wait! It’s like this extra episode serves as an appetizer for the main course! I almost want to bet that the upcoming new Season will follow the manga stories closely; at least, I hope so. This last Circus arc is excellent! Square Enix, hear more of our threats demands!

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