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To the visitor who asked if “that song” would be included in the BLACK BOX.  Yes it is!  Such beautiful song!

The song’s name is “Si deus me relinquit” (Latin: If god abandons me).  It’s the 2nd song on the 2nd CD in the BLACK BOX 🙂

Kuroshitsuji fans, you really should get the album!  This OST includes ‘everything’!  The Hindu theme songs (Soma arc)  are cool!


Release date:  2009.08.26
3990 Yen


(Note  for those who don’t usually watch Gintama:   these screencaps are unaltered from the episode)

Akumade Gin-chan desu kara

Gintama171-K-ELady 神楽あるですわ
Lady Kagura aru desu wa

Hahaha!  Not really!  Just another Gintama parody goodie 😀  I guess they like their hair :p  (Wanna bet the Gintama staff also like Kuroshitsuji?  😀
(or will it be as the 1st half’s title suggests :p

A few weeks ago I told you about this extra episode that’s going to be included in the Season 1 final DVD (vol. 9) . Now, we know what this story is about!

In this extra side episode, the entire main Kuroshitsuji characters will (sort of) give a performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Why would Sebastian even bother to have anything to do with a play? Silly you, need you ask? Of course it is per Ciel’s order, “Make this performance successful”. Why would Ciel give such order, you ask? Well, the story goes with the Funtom Company giving a charity play for the poor children to celebrate the company’s 3rd anniversary. But the ship with the actors in it got an accident. So, under Ciel’s order, our Sebastian supposedly involves everyone (including Lau and Grell, Undertaker, Soma…) in this play…
I wonder how it will turn out ^^;

By the way, to celebrate the announcement of the 2nd season, go here to legally download a Kuroshitsuji wallpaper. Hurry, time is limited.

(all sources from the official Kuroshitsuji HP)

(2009.10.09 Update: go here for the newest post of this new unaired episode)