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Kuroshitsuji new unaired side episode 25* preview summary

Posted on: August 3, 2009

A few weeks ago I told you about this extra episode that’s going to be included in the Season 1 final DVD (vol. 9) . Now, we know what this story is about!

In this extra side episode, the entire main Kuroshitsuji characters will (sort of) give a performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Why would Sebastian even bother to have anything to do with a play? Silly you, need you ask? Of course it is per Ciel’s order, “Make this performance successful”. Why would Ciel give such order, you ask? Well, the story goes with the Funtom Company giving a charity play for the poor children to celebrate the company’s 3rd anniversary. But the ship with the actors in it got an accident. So, under Ciel’s order, our Sebastian supposedly involves everyone (including Lau and Grell, Undertaker, Soma…) in this play…
I wonder how it will turn out ^^;

By the way, to celebrate the announcement of the 2nd season, go here to legally download a Kuroshitsuji wallpaper. Hurry, time is limited.

(all sources from the official Kuroshitsuji HP)

(2009.10.09 Update: go here for the newest post of this new unaired episode)


9 Responses to "Kuroshitsuji new unaired side episode 25* preview summary"

Woah, that’s interesting. (: Hamlet’s one of my favorites from Shakespeare, not to mention that I was involved in the play for a final project. Our play was so solemn if compared to others, so we all had to refrain from laughing and put on our serious face. I was the queen. 😐

That is very intereting! Now you’ll get to compare your play and the one on Kuroshitsuji, haha! I have a feeling it’s probably going to be hilarious, I mean Grell’s in it, do we need to imagine? ^^;;;
Or, how about this? “To be, or not to be”; Grell would definitely say “Not to be!” without a second thought…

Unless the question was referring to Sebastian then he’d definitely say yes! (: It will be scandalous too… haha. I’m curious if William Spears would be in the play as well; he had minimal screen time in the anime so it would be cool to see him, uh, letting his hair down?! In a way of speech.

Hahahaha! yeah, that too! Grell’s the type who’d take any advantage of the situation to move an inch closer to Sebastian hahaha! (I’m sure this holds true with Sebastian fans as well :p
This episode is likely to be a fan-service one, so I’d like to bet that Spears will be in it, even if not in the play (I would like to imagine how Sebastian would convince him to be part of the play, maybe Spears is a big fan of Shakespeare himself, hmmm….)

Wait… This couldn’t possibly be an advertisement for it, could it?

If so, it looks very… interesting.

Oops. Sorry. I remembered that the link probably won’t work after I posted. ^_^; Maybe this one would work. If not I’m really sorry. I have a cold so I’m a bit spacey.

It is sort of an “ad” for that special episode!
It’s actually a “Gourmet Report” parody article section from Animedia magazine 😀 (Parody of real episodes of a few other anime)
The title for Kuroshitsuji is [“Hamlet” with Black Sour Sauce] (Delicious Fantom Company Special Menu) 😀

Ok, so if they’re hinting what each character might be playing by the pictures, Ciel plays the part of Hamlet, and Ophelia is….Oh my goodness A^o^;;; (just as the article caption says, Ciel as Hamlet may be acceptable, but the problem is the red head in red dress, hahaha). But, why am I not suprised?!! LOL

Hahahahaha! Lao and Undertaker part is hilarious!
Thank you very much for the link!!!!

i love kuroshitsuji!!!1
its a great yaoi material!!
loking forward for the season 2
…banzai for ciel and sebastian….!

Thanks for stopping by!
Check out Kuroshitsuji’s official site and click on Introduction. There you can see the promotional video for Kuroshitusji II

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