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Gintama 171 – Kuroshitsuji Sebastian & Elizabeth special appearances!!

Posted on: August 22, 2009

(Note  for those who don’t usually watch Gintama:   these screencaps are unaltered from the episode)

Akumade Gin-chan desu kara

Gintama171-K-ELady 神楽あるですわ
Lady Kagura aru desu wa

Hahaha!  Not really!  Just another Gintama parody goodie 😀  I guess they like their hair :p  (Wanna bet the Gintama staff also like Kuroshitsuji?  😀
(or will it be as the 1st half’s title suggests :p


7 Responses to "Gintama 171 – Kuroshitsuji Sebastian & Elizabeth special appearances!!"

ROFL. Sebastian appears stoned. But somehow Elizabeth looks fine! In fact, she seems to be more independent and mature when drawn in this manner.

Yeah! Sebastian with a dead fish eye 😀
Somehow, Gin-chan cosplaying as Sebastian seems… quite disturbing :p

lol a Yorozuya butler. XD

yeah! lol
I wonder if anyone would pay for a butler who spends his entire day picking his nose while reading Shonen Jump 😀

I think Gintama looks like a VERY convincing Sebastian x’D

Hahaha! That OP is a killer 😀

Doh shiz! I meant Gintoki! LMAO

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