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黒執事 OVA「その執事、興行」Kuroshitsuji OVA (*25) “That Butler, Performing”

Posted on: October 8, 2009

Finally! The long awaited special episode! And, it doesn’t disappoint 🙂
I already posted what the story is about in one of my previous posts. And since the magazine sort of spoiled it a bit about who might be playing the rolls in Hamlet, it wasnt too surprising about Grell haha!! But, to my surprise, this special episode included a very nice (LOL) commercial of “Funtom” brand puppy food (Pluto fans rejoice!). And a VERY special “SNEAK” preview of the new series  KUROSHITSUJI , I mean KUROSUSHIYA (wink wink, woah woah, down boys and girls, it’s a parody.  Manga fans would be familiar about this if they take the outside covers off to reveal the suprise on the actual attached covers).
Overall, this special episode made me a very happy fan!!

I’ll post more images from the video later…. And perhaps someone can elaborate more about what’s up with Lao and the Undertaker (in the ‘supposedly’ Hamlet a la Kuroshitsuji version). But here is uhm… a nightmare of a Grell Ophelia……

Grell...… N…n…no, no comment….
(of all the screencaps, why I posted this one first is,… beyond comprehension even to myself, and I’m the one who took the screencap)
(blog to be continued….)

6 Responses to "黒執事 OVA「その執事、興行」Kuroshitsuji OVA (*25) “That Butler, Performing”"

HAHA. I saw the raw version a few days back. Hilarious stuff though! There was a scene where Ranmao mimicked… seaweed? I lol-ed. Can relate a little as I was involved in Hamlet last year. We had to tweak it a little as well lol. Ophelia had to be changed to a guy since Hamlet was played by a girl! Not to mention each of us had a distinctive personality. I was the queen, albeit a rather unstable one haha.

Haha!! As ‘unstable’ a queen as you made it sound, I’m sure you didn’t act the way Lao and Undertaker did, hahaha! What was all that?! They quickly closed the curtain LOL too much for little kids in the audience 😀
Grell Ophelia … (big sweat drop), lusting after Agni-daddy too!
The Hamlet cast is just…. …. Shakespeare would cry.

And all this so that Sebastian could teach Ciel a lesson about forgetting about revenge?? Yeah right, we all know that Sebastian was just taking an opportunity to have some fun 😉
(Not to mention William, but he wanted a piece of the spotlight too, no? 😀

*nose bleed*
GRELL!!! He looks so cute!!! OMG!!!

Hey, you’re the first one person I’ve heard who nose bleeds for Grell 😀 He must have done something nice eh ^_-

Hey, I nosebleed for Grell all the time! Though, mostly I’m thinking about him doing *something* with Undertaker at the time . . . .

That reminds me, the scene after he sees the Undertaker’s face is just priceless!

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