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psst… Kuroshitsuji manga readers:

Posted on: January 30, 2010

Have you noticed yet?

The humble eye doc/freelance writer guest that Ciel personally invited (see ch.38) for this “murder mystery” arc ‘IS’ Arthur Conan Doyle ^_-  (younger version, of course, of that we all got to know for his Sherlock Holmes series).  See how the story is progressing?  Gosh, I love Taboso sensei!! xxxoooxxx

And, I bet our beloved mangaka was having so much fun drawing the dead Sebastian 😀
But man, Ciel’s reaction to Sebastian is deliciously depicted (see the newest ch.41).  He actually is devastated that Sebastian died!  (Normally, wouldn’t you be happy that the someone who’s gonna eat your soul dies? haha!)


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i think ciel is so worried, because sebby has died before and isn’t coming back at the moment, who knows?? but i think i reacted simillar to ciel when i read that, ha i replying to lots of ur bolg post all the time XD, like Lau said “things just got intresting” lol cant wait to the next chap and the next season, of the anime

Yeah haha! If Sebastian dies, then there’s no more story. It’s obvious he lets himself die to prove that Ciel is not the murderer (of the first victim), and it seems that Lau saw through it (he opened his eyes! well, slightly, haha). I can’t wait to see how Taboso-san makes the would-be Sherlock Holmes author get inspired from this mystery arc, it’s just awesome! 😀

yeah i thought that two, like how sebby ask all of the servants to do wierd jobs for him so early in the morning, but if he didn’t do it on purpose (dun! dun! dun!) then i think that charles grey killed him. Why because look at the weapon in sebby and the front page of that chap, oh yeah i aslo think that the two charles are both angels, because they both are almost all white and they work for the queen, every time i see one of them it reminds me of ash/angela XD yeah lau only opens his eyes on special occasions haha, hmm… i’m talking too much again ^o^

Yeah for Sebastian to tell Bard to prepare what Sebastian would himself normally do is strange… besides calling him “chef” (shocking), hahaha!

You’ve heard of what the anime 2nd season’s going to be like, right? Good bye Sebastian/Ciel; hello Claude/Alois (spelling).

i have heard about the second season, but new main characters??? o.O they cant really kill off both of the main characters (in my opinion) cause then it wont really be kuroshitsuji any more would it?? unless sebby gets a new master but still, *snif* i m going to miss those two, i guess we still have the manga with those two (which is still going, thank god, except for sebbys death fake/real) but i still can wait XD just thinking about a new season gets me all pumped

I’ll definitely follow the manga closely (as usual).
I’m very interested to see how the new butler/bocchan would work out. I understand the producers want an original storyline, but if that’s so, then why keep the same title and named it season 2? O_o It’s like getting the fans all pumped up, and then deflate them with a big shock haha.

yeah thats what it did to me lol, oh yeah a while ago(sometime last year) i did this story/ diary thing and made it simillar to kuroshitsuji and the strange thing is one of the character’s names was claude ( i called the person like ciel that), then when i was reading the blog that u posted i was like wtf? instead it seems that sebby got that name, oh yeah did u say u saw sherlock holmes? i was thinking of watching it

Wow! You probably got some sort of ESP 😀
Yes I saw Sherlock Holmes the movie. I love it, even if the main characters’ personalities are quite different from the original works. But man, the costumes, settings, etc is just excellent! You should watch it if you haven’t. There’s a scene on the Tower Bridge (under construction too) that will remind you of “that” certain scene in Kuroshitsuji 😀

ha ha yeah esp (maybe they are watching me *shifty eyes*) yeah lol im going to watch it soon, i was on hoilday and it was showing at the movies we went past and my first thoughts that popped into my head was kuroshitsuji and jack the ripper XD talking about costumes i love ciels fashion (i think sebby chooses his clothes??) it was in the manga they said that i might go and watch it now

Or, wait till next month. BD and DVD will be coming out 😀

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