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R.I.P. anime Ciel

It’s been decided that anime Kuroshitsuji 2 will start in July 2010 (info from Special event). With all new cast. The new butler’s voice actor is Sakurai Takahiro, and the new master’s v.a. is Mizuki Nana:
*New butler = クロード・フォースタス [ Claude Fosters? Fausters? Faustas? (my English spelling, could be wrong)]
*New bocchan = アロイス・トランシー [ Alois Trancy? (again, my English spelling so it could be wrong]

I’m so bummed!! But at least the new characters are Toboso-san’s own character design. (see manga volume 8’s back paper strip for those 2 new characters) Man, and I thought those 2 were just new cast characters within the Kuroshitsuji story; turned out to be brand new cast! SO, that means anime Ciel and those 3 helps (minus Tanaka) died in Kuroshitsuji 1 ($%!)?>@#!!!) Oh well, we still got the manga ongoing)

Anyway… Claude’s new line is officially「私は、あなたを『飽くまで』貪りたい」(Watakushi wa, anata wo [‘akuma’de] musaboritai). Let’s see, how would I translate this…
How about translated loosely as “I’m, afterall, here to fulfill your orders” as a double meaning to “I want to (akuma de) feed on you till I’m full” (note the “akuma” as Sebastian’s double meaning “Akuma-de Shitsuji desu kara”).
Well, I mean, literally, it (the new line) could be translated as “I want to crave for you till I’m full” too, hahahaha!!

New butler (hmm…glasses) + new master.
*(my bad!) Bocchan is set to be blonde, blue eyes.  And Claude wears glasse and answers to Alois with “Yes, your highness.”

Man, I’m gonna miss Sebastian/Ciel combination. I was SO hoping they’d do the FMA2 thing and totally follow the manga on Kuroshitsuji 2 but…. Oh well. Glad I bought all the DVDs and CDs for later viewings and listenings 😀
But I’m sure I’ll come to like the new Kuroshitsuji 2. Official name: 黒執事 II ( Kuroshitsuji II )

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