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Kuroshitsuji 2 – 黒執事 II

Posted on: February 2, 2010

R.I.P. anime Ciel

It’s been decided that anime Kuroshitsuji 2 will start in July 2010 (info from Special event). With all new cast. The new butler’s voice actor is Sakurai Takahiro, and the new master’s v.a. is Mizuki Nana:
*New butler = クロード・フォースタス [ Claude Fosters? Fausters? Faustas? (my English spelling, could be wrong)]
*New bocchan = アロイス・トランシー [ Alois Trancy? (again, my English spelling so it could be wrong]

I’m so bummed!! But at least the new characters are Toboso-san’s own character design. (see manga volume 8’s back paper strip for those 2 new characters) Man, and I thought those 2 were just new cast characters within the Kuroshitsuji story; turned out to be brand new cast! SO, that means anime Ciel and those 3 helps (minus Tanaka) died in Kuroshitsuji 1 ($%!)?>@#!!!) Oh well, we still got the manga ongoing)

Anyway… Claude’s new line is officially「私は、あなたを『飽くまで』貪りたい」(Watakushi wa, anata wo [‘akuma’de] musaboritai). Let’s see, how would I translate this…
How about translated loosely as “I’m, afterall, here to fulfill your orders” as a double meaning to “I want to (akuma de) feed on you till I’m full” (note the “akuma” as Sebastian’s double meaning “Akuma-de Shitsuji desu kara”).
Well, I mean, literally, it (the new line) could be translated as “I want to crave for you till I’m full” too, hahahaha!!

New butler (hmm…glasses) + new master.
*(my bad!) Bocchan is set to be blonde, blue eyes.  And Claude wears glasse and answers to Alois with “Yes, your highness.”

Man, I’m gonna miss Sebastian/Ciel combination. I was SO hoping they’d do the FMA2 thing and totally follow the manga on Kuroshitsuji 2 but…. Oh well. Glad I bought all the DVDs and CDs for later viewings and listenings 😀
But I’m sure I’ll come to like the new Kuroshitsuji 2. Official name: 黒執事 II ( Kuroshitsuji II )

19 Responses to "Kuroshitsuji 2 – 黒執事 II"

I was quite disappointed when they announced that Ciel/Sebby were really gone but I’m happy with the new cast tho 🙂 *hearts* Sakurai Takahiro. I like your translation of his “butler” catchphrase XD (has very high BL tones) *slurps*

I’m very interested of how they’re going to make the new combo work out. This time is “yes your highness”, so I guess the new bocchan is a prince or crown prince or….?

Tho, I’m still kind of bummed that Sebastian/Ciel won’t be around for season 2. The only way I can think of is $quare Enix is counting the less well-received 2nd season of FMA revenue compared to the first. So they might as well remake a brand new combo and stick the same title plus a 2, and see what happens. “Thanks to fans voice” my foot! The fans wanted more Kuroshitsuji cuz they/we know how the manga is doing, and they slapped us back with something nothing to do with that. Sure, they made sure our beloved mangaka receive the credits and create the characters, but…
I’m ranting 😀

I think maybe they want to attract new viewers and give it a “fresh” angle with this new combo. We know the 2 new leads have literally legions of fans who’ will give this series a try if they haven’t already, so that might be one of the considerations. You’re right. It’s all about the $$$!!! Since current fans will watch it anyway, no matter what 😛

Yeah, they made sure they locked in Sakurai and Mizuki at least to stir up their fans ears 😀 No loss there since you got both male and female followings. But I’m sure they’re confident enough to do this to original Kuroshitsuji fans. At least, they asked the mangaka to do the character designs, so that’s a big nod there too. I, for one, will definitely watch it anyway 😀

they aren’t gone. They’re still one of the main leads in second season. Watch episode 2

Haha, I can see why you’re voicing your displeasure. I was quite taken aback myself frankly, when I read that the main characters are not mentioned in the preview. Perhaps it’s a foreshadowing on their part? I know that novelists tend to use such techniques to give their stories some depth. How does this play out for the new season, I guess we all have to wait and see. The new boy looks like a real spoilt punk for sure, and the butler resembles a cross between William and Sebastian. I think his name is Faustus. Very interesting, considering that a contract between a demon is referred to as a Faustian deal.

Yeah, since I was sooo hoping that they will follow the manga stories… So I guess we won’t be seeing the Circus Arc, or the current arc animated. Hopefully the shinigami gang are the same, then! (hint: Ronald Knox with the lawn mower, yum!) xD

lol yum! XD that would of been intresting if they put noah’s arc circus in the anime (Joker!!) ha, ronald knox wit the lawn mower lol, dobble charles XD

Yes!! The 2 Charles is also a double yum :p
I’m still wondering about the new bocchan, being called your Highness and all. A prince?

ha people were saying that the new bocchan was famale, i think they are mistaken… i just read the next chap of kuro manga o.0 so sad and intresting and exciting and scary XD the bad thing was this chap isn’t very long, there’s only 27 pgs =( and i was really getting into it when it just ended all of a sudden, lol charles “hey, since theres still some left, is it ok if i have it?” i hate waiting for the next chapter!

Bocchan is male, if not then it’d be ojousan, no? 😀
The new manga chapter is interesting. And Tanaka is acting quite suspicious… (I could almost see Sebastian in him! @.@
And the pin, it’s too weird to hand it over to Tanaka so casually when Ciel ‘accidentally’ yanked it off Sebastian’s dead body when he was being pulled away by the helps (yeah, it’s the pin that’s given to Phantomhive butler, and technically Sebastian the butler is dead so, but still…) Hmmm…. We know Sebastian can’t be dead. Don’t tell me he’s posing as Tanaka??? Tanaka is staying too long outside the SD form. Am I reading too deep into it? I best stay untuned till next chapter before I go crazy! XD

nah its not just you, i was doing that two. i was thinking stuff like sebby cant die that easily and what is with tanaka? o.0 why did that owl die, did sebby want it to not make its journey? for some reason i suspect lau , charles grey and the dude with the stripes in his black hair, even though i like charles and lau i feel excited about one of them maybe being the killer… arhhh! it’s too exciting i cant wait for the next chapter and they better make it longer, what the bet they will make it shorter than that one, so its even more
suspenseful, you go crazy what about me! i’m like you are but with TWO mangas at the moment XD

the manga is getting really intresting XD

Yeah! a total murder mystery solving arc 😀 Sherlock Holmes’ precursor hahaha.
Well, he is Arthur! 😀

Yeah! Hey, Tanaka is pretty strong for a man his age (how old is he by the way, I wonder). And, he’s going too long not in SD form 😀

who knows, 80ish? lol last pannel on pg 4 chpt 43, lau and ran mao going through ciel’s wardrobe XD and the next page on the 3rd pannel o//0 yeah lau i like to see u put those on him lol ciel in girls clothes, but THOSE clothes XD

Hahahaha!!! Really tho, I don’t get Lau sometimes 😀

yeah lau is a bit strange at times and always does and says strange things, like near the end of the anime where hes going on about: a butterfly dreaming of being a man, or a man dreaming of being a butterfly and aslo how him and his SISTER, i have never seen sisters act like that to their brothers

I think I read somewhere that they’re non-blood related brother/sister. Did I read it or hear it? I think it’s in one of the CD dramas I blogged before. :p memory getting rusty eh?

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