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and thus, Gintama anime ends with ep. 201 (T-T)

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Four years of super fun gone poof!  T_T
I’m so bummed out.  Why can’t they continue with Gintama fillers (like those you know which anime that fill the audience with loooooooooooog fillers when they’re too caught up with the manga).  That aside,  the producers and staff of Gintama are a talented gang, they could, COULD, get away with virtually anything with fillers, or they could run Ginpachi Sensei as fillers too (I mean, they used Ginpachi for ED’s, so why not), or or or..  whine whine rant rant, …ok.  I hope they will continue, someday, preferably soon.  The long running anime and manga are too popular for them to stop.  Come on sponsors, what are you trying to pull?  (as it turned out, Warner Brothers pulled it, the movie that is, tsk tsk)
Oh!  and TV TOKYO announced that they will have special selection re-runs on Mondays beginning April 5th @ 6PM.
And that the re-runs are「ただの再放送な訳がない!?」…  (O_o)  Ok, I don’t want to speculate! This fragile fan heart of mine had been (delightfully) betrayed several times ;-p  …  By the way, anybody noticed that the OP for ep. 201 is so rushed (scenes) and song cut short, with no sponsor announcement too?  Haha, ignore small sponsors, the staff look up to the almighty WB hahaha)
(Look, the only reason I haven’t died that Gintama anime ended is because Gintama manga is still running on a weekly basis.)

On a happier note, I can’t wait to see the upcoming Gintama movie!  Hey, Gin-chan is on the cover of “T” (Toho Cinema magazine), same pose as Tamaki Hiroshi (Gin-chan, a manga/anime character as popular as real life famous actor Tamaki?!),  haha!

Check out Warner Brothers Japan official Gintama Movie site for more details.  While you’re there, check out Tokyo Drift, they even have a racing car with Gintama movie promo on it.

So, how much did they spend on the making the movie?  They got Warner Brothers’s money, and look at all the promotions and promo goods, and later DVDs and hopefully BDs (that fans, me included, will be buying just cuz they’re there waiting to be bought)…  So, more money made, enough for more anime Gintama later then?  (hehe, wishful deduction)

**to be continued**

2 Responses to "and thus, Gintama anime ends with ep. 201 (T-T)"

hey i was wondering when the movie would be subbed after its released :O
thanks for the info btw its really helpful for ppl who dont know japanese =]

Hey thanks for your comment!! 🙂
3 more days until the premier of the movie in Japan! With that set, the DVD won’t come out until what, a few months later.
So my guess is if the Gintama fansubbers can invest on the DVD when it comes out, they’ll be able to provide subs as soon as possible for the people who don’t know Japanese.

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