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Kuroshitsuji 2: promo video

Posted on: March 29, 2010

Go to the Kuroshitusji official site,  click on Introduction.  There you’ll find Kuroshitsuji II PV to please your eyes and ears.

Oh! Forgot to mention.  If you guys watch Durarara!! anime, on episode 12, check out Karisawa’s cell phone’s mail alert sound.  It’s Sebastian saying the line “坊ちゃん、メールでございます (Bocchan, Mail de gozaimasu)” 😀   By the way, her friend Walker’s mail alert is Jigoku Shoujo’s creepy line “一遍、死んで見る?(Do you want to try dying for once?)”


3 Responses to "Kuroshitsuji 2: promo video"

omg! i saw that! o.0 i dont know what to make out that… triplets XD, i haven heard of lau and ran mao not being related, so um yeah…

hey do you know where i can find “bocchan mail” in mp3? or ringtone??? i tried to search everywhere i found nothing!! i even tried searching in japanese -__-‘ even though i dont read japanese looll


Hmm… I wouldn’t know if there’s an actual ringtone of it. The reason is, that “ringtone” was specially made for a Durarara episode for the Karisawa character’s cell phone ringtone. Both Kuroshitsuji and Durarara belong to Square Enix so they can do that I guess ^_^;

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