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黒執事II 第4話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.4 : I want that butler!

Posted on: July 22, 2010

Just saw episode 4.   And my reaction was:  ‘where can I get a butler like that?!’  I was talking to myself , but a family member heard and straight out answered “well, you could sell your soul to pay for one…”  Uhm, it’s ok, as much as I like Sebastian, I rather keep my own soul thank you very much!  But, a butler who can stop a train (among other stuffs), dang!
Episode 5 is going to be very interesting!  We’ll get to see Phantomhive+Trancy interaction.  What Cloud told Sebastian towards the last scene of ep. 4 is perking my interest level.  I’m now wondering,  could it be that Ciel and Alois are after the same “group” that ‘messed’ them up?  Could Alois’ supposedly ‘dad’ be one of the group members?  No wait, ep 3 mentioned that Trancy family also works for the Majesty…. hmmmm….
Huh? what?  where’s my review for ep.3?  It’s summer, it’s hot!, I got lazy!  I do that later (whine whine whine).  Grell’s voice is still creeping me out, gotta give it to Fukuyama Jun.  He’s good!  😀

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dont we all want a butler? (demon/sebby/claude, not claude for me though) if i said that out loud my family would think i’m acting strange [strike]again[/strike] . its winter here and im actually missing summer for a change. cant wait for ep 5 and for the subs for ep 4. ( yes i watch the eps then watch them again in subs so i can understand fully, would that make me a real fan?) YES! i susceeded in getting my friend hooked on kuroshitsuji, she hasn’t finished watching the first season yet, but she doesn’t want to stop watching it. im victorious, haha.

Haha! Good one! I got one of my male friends to watch. And surprisingly he thought it was interesting! Nod nod! Spread the word, oh yeah! :p

haha my brother likes anime aswell but unfortaantally he didn’t like it =______= oh well my friend is hooked and she’s olny up to ep 18, i win. kuro fans can rejoyice we have a new member. haha (ok just ignore that strange comment 0.o)


hi! i just wanted to say that i love your blog. that is all hahahaha ❤

Thank you very much!! Hope to see more of you (comments, that is) soon 🙂

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