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Square Enix and a new HQ Kuroshitsuji figure

Posted on: July 26, 2010

This time, Ciel in drag.  I mean, Ciel in disguise, undercover to catch a serial killer… (see K1)
…  Ok, I have Sebastian, and the top-hat (sort of) Ciel; now, do I want to shell out 7400 – 9975 yen for this one too?  (note, I’d buy Grell’s and William’s in a instant; wait, even better, if Sebastian is included in a position with Ciel a la ohimesama-dakko mode, I’d buy right away!)

Ciel considers it as a disgrace to the House of Phantomhive, and would carry this “secret” to the grave
(grave… if he’d have any, thanks to Sebastian)

4 Responses to "Square Enix and a new HQ Kuroshitsuji figure"

thats sooo cute! *coughs* i mean poor ciel. luckly he never did exist or if there was such thing as heaven and hell then he would watching his family crest get smeared. ( ok don’t ask me whats that about im in a really weird mood at the moment) manily because of this *points*

Hahahaha! That video is so cute! It’s refreshing seeing Sebastian (and most everybody) acting so cute! Thanks for the link! 😀

no problem, sorry about those strange comments. hey do u draw???

I draw some, but am too lazy to draw :p

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