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黒執事II 第6話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.6 : (another) whaaat?!?

Posted on: August 5, 2010

And so I watched ep.6, and am now less confused, by about 20%, mostly because I don’t agree with how it’s going.  But, what the heck, I’ll just keep watching.
It does try to bridge the reason why Sebastian didn’t eat Ciel’s soul (from the last episode of season 1), and ultimately why Alois/Claude are obsessed with Ciel (in season 2).  Hopefully it won’t disappoint too much as the 2nd season progresses 😀
See?  The writers didn’t need to do all these if they had stuck with the manga story.  Now where am I going to see the Circus arc animated?  (yeah I’m whining again haha)

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i was like “OMG! he is going to kiss him… wait no hes no, damn it!” well i’ve been watching the raws even if i cant fully understand whats going on, but still, i thought that was a little bit lame, “but i the devoted fan will watch to the end!!” (lol) aww alois looks soo adorable with the scary costume, i wouldn’t mind seeing joker in the anime, and charles grey…. hmm… i wonder if they will put those other shinigami into the anime???? (don’t worry everyone is alowed to wine, i do it quite offen, especially since they are aparently going to dub kuroshitsuji and have started getting english voice actors) meh!

Basically, as Sebastian was about to eat Ciel’s soul (btw the part of soul that he wanted was the revenge part), it was gone, taken right under his nose (thus, the “loss of memory”). Haha so Sebastian got mad and destroyed the ground (haha, j/k)
Anyway, turns out later Sebastian and Claude make a deal with each other to share the spoil (the dark part of human soul, that is), making Alois the target of Ciel’s revenge, etc etc. Yeah, it’s going to be complicated. I don’t want to spoil too much (though ep6 doesnt reveal too much anyway) so just watch it when you got the subs. But right now I’m in the love-hate mode about how the story’s going. More love than hate of course haha.

thanks, i just watched it with subs, haha sebby wasn’t happy. mmm… cant wait for next ep. i love the part near the end, alois”i want u to be mine” ciel”i want to kill u” that did clear some stuff up, i guess. i wonder what cluade’s real form looks like, even though we haven’t seen sebbys yet. i wonder if claude wears high heels two??

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