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黒執事II 第7話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.7 : Extra! Extra! Ciel is caught cheating on Sebastian with Claude

Posted on: August 12, 2010


WARNING:  The above is tabloid headline to catch your attention.

Below is the brief summary of the truth…

… which serves as another brief summary of this episode, as well.

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P.S. Ah, so you noticed Sebastian’s Kenshin trademark 😀
Anyways, we can pretty much assume that Sebastian’s going to get bitch-slapped (again) by Ciel due to this episode’s ‘incident’. Guess we’ll see that if not the next episode, the next? 😀

so cluade wants ciel’s soul as well now right?? and is alois dead?? and wtf is up with the triplets eyes look like the demons and claude just pulls out some sword out of hannah. (if it explained it in the anime then just ignore this if u want, ill probally find out tomorrow

sigh…. how do we put all these together?
Basically, this episode twists the fact of how Phantomhive supposedly went bye-bye 3 years ago (whatever fact the director/writer chose it to be and blames it on Sebastian/Claude pact haha). Yup, so Alois becomes the one who was behind the killing and burning of Phantomhive House & papa and mama, and whatever Ciel suffered afterwards up till he made the pact with Sebastian. Yeah, because they need Alois to be the target of revenge for Ciel…. so it’s like his soul is sundae and the revenge part would be like sprinkles with a cherry on the top type of thng. Sorry, you know what I mean, I’m ranting along haha.
So, Claude tasted of what Ciel’s soul can be like (revengeful, etc, what all demons ultimately crave). And while Alois is critically wounded to the point of dying (I doubt he’ll die or they can call it an 8-episode-season-2), he said something about a soul can become pure (i.e. repentantly good and thus useless for him) when facing one’s own blood, death. So I think, Claude’s going to do something to (twist and whip something up) to make Alois have a target of revenge (if so, I’m pretty sure it’d be Ciel), so Claude would have a piece of morsel that’s worth consuming…
I dont’ think Claude can take Ciel because there’s no contract between them. Just, he had a glimpse of Ciel’s soul and saw how delicious it could be.

I don’t know! This ep. is a bit ridiculous. The triplets got pierced on the head together, how in the world does a human being (that Viscount Druit) not be shocked that they’re still moving (though we must admit that Druit is an airhead and out there most of the time anyway, but still). So yeah, they don’t explain it in the anime in this episode, but I guess we can safely assume Hanna and the triplets are probably lesser-demons.
Next episode we’ll get to see Alois before he turned crazy or bad 😀

yeah, but the next ep is about alois’s past, still the tension between sebby and claude was funny, why is druit (yeah the air head) wearing the blue lobster hat, is he fan of it or something. i cant help but like alois, and my friend i told u about she’s obsessed with him haha, but i hope he dosen’t die (atleast not yet) i just kept convincing myself that hes not dead. i know im kinda a softy i have cried every time i watch the last few eps of the first season. (whats wrong with me), but suprisingly i didn’t cry much when alois died?, probally cause i dont belive he is.

ps. rant on all u want, i do it two sometimes (and it can be hard to stop me)

Did anyone else notice the severe change in animation in this episode. I could tell right away that something was very different about the animation. I mean, they made it look WAY to generic. The facial expressions, the fights scenes, the coloring style (even the dialogue!)… all got drastically stereotyped-anime-style. We all know Druit over-emphasizes his expressions, but this time it was just plain rediculous. Plus, that :O face that Sebastian made (when Claude pulled that sword out of Hannah) was extremely out of character for him. Hannah’s outfit changed to be more fanservice-like. That “hole” in her dress’s chest area was so uneeded and wasn’t even how it was originally animated. I dunno…..the episode would have been better if Druit and the animation change weren’t there. Whoever oversaw/directed/animated this ep needs to find a new show to work on that will suit their tastes. You just don’t do this sort of this to Kuroshitsuji.

I admit, the designs on the fight/action scenes are too bland. Though the tome stop-scene main character designs are nicer on this episode compared to the previous few. That, we can always blame it on the different staff assigned to draw the different scenes. Hopefully they’ll fix that for the DVD releases.

But yes! I totally agree with you on Druitt! What the heck is that all about?! If it’s too add some comedy relief, it’s a bit out of content and somewhat annoying because they made it waaay too overboard. Yeah he is excentric, but no nobles would act the way he does to the point of wanting to pee (and said it out); and to the fact that it didn’t strike him weird to see “people” acting out in superhuman actions (hello?). Isn’t it supposed to be that no one finds out Sebastian is not human ((and Claude and Hanna and the triplets))? Then what’s the point of keeping the human form or hidding the black nails and the contract seal?????
And yes, whatever the production crew wanted to make Hanna out of is too focused on fan-service. Probably to lure in more male viewers. They could make her sexy as she is without overloading the extra, I mean, where’s the “the less you reveal, the more sexy it is” concept (I mean, look at Meilin whether as maid or as assassin, or even Madam Red)? They are in the Victorian era! But oh well, the director is male afterall, hahahaha.
Read Toboso’s blog. Even she was surprised (I don’t know, but from reading it, it seems too me that she’s not that thrilled about how the story is taking that type of turn, and tried to find a logic explanation to the characters’ speech, behavior etc; poor girl, she created the characters so they’re like her babies, and then to see their characteristics being made under a different context…)
And to me, it is totally different than how she intended Kuroshitsuji to be, with characters acting out of context. It just seems that the production team rushed to make changes to the story, perhaps a last minute change because Kuroshitsuji fans voiced their discontent when they announced the “new master and butler” back then almost a year ago? Who knows :\
I’ll watching K2 with patience, haha, hopefully the writers can pull themselves together and make the story more consistent.

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