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黒執事II 第8話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.8 : Sorry to say this again but,… WHAAAaaaT??!?!”

Posted on: August 19, 2010

??!?!??!!!  ??!??!?!! ????!!!? ????? !!!!!!
No, there’s nothing wrong with your browser or font encoding.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I’m once again, confused.  Considering how much air time plus CM’s and posters they’ve put up so far.


WARNING:  do not read the discussion/comments if you don’t want spoilers. 😀



The following might be a possible explanation they canned Alois (Jim MK-something)…

What about Grell then?  I guess he’s in the original manga, thus making him untouchable :p

10 Responses to "黒執事II 第8話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.8 : Sorry to say this again but,… WHAAAaaaT??!?!”"

you see what happens if you turn your back on the wolfpac but your butler doesn’t? I think Alois or Jim M or what ever his name is found that out in this confusing episode

Yeah, and what about Hanna? Now that’s refreshing! (if that last scene is what I think she’s doing) O_o? o_O?

I think She is taking the soul of alois either that or I don’t know

That’s what I thought too (though a wishful thinking is hoping that she’s trying to revive him. I mean, it would be such a waste of a nice anime character design). And next episode, Claude is out hunting for a new soul “part” (I guess a more “delicious” part to feed a akuma type of soul part thing (well, you know…, “that”) to put in Alois’ body, with that ruby ring.
Wait, but since Hanna poked it, that would make the new Alois have a blind eye like Ciel (supposedly, is that contract seal eye blind by the way?). (btw, is that skull cracking sound I hear as well, by Claude?)
And so, if that’s so, then he’d explain the whole thing to other people that Alois also lost his memory.
BTW, all the talks of negai (tr. wish) is reminding me of xxxHoLic :p
This is getting very confusing… and it’s bugging me, haha!

I think Hanna is taking revenge on Alois by poking though his eye like he did to her in the first episode.

I have a feeling Claude wants to switch Alois’s soul with Ciel. So Alois would possess Ciel (as in his body) If Claude succeeds, he gets to taste Ciel’s pure yummy soul and in effect make Sebastian suffer which is Alois’ wish in the first place.

Yeah Claude has his eyes on a bigger morsel. But knowing that Sebastian/Ciel combi is the main attraction, I doubt Claude would succeed, prob ends up another dead bird, I mean spider on the unfinished London Bridge… Unless the writers decide to mess with our emotions again 😀

Well if Claude fails then he is gonna get his ass kick not just by sebastian but by ceil and if Hanna takes his ring (and his soul) back and revives him, Alois (and have him say the hell with my wish)

By watching Claude in ep 9. He seems to me like a crazy dude as well… A more composed crazy type, whatever that is. I mean a poker face with some unexacting behaviors :-). Pretty alluring.

Huhuhu.. why that da*n Claude kill Alois Trancy-sama, his own master? is there any hope left to see Alois alive again??

Well, thanks to the producers, Alois is a goner. But we might see him in the new OVA ‘Ciel in Wonderland’ beginning volume 2 of Kuroshitauji 2’s DVD. Bit it won’t be the same…
2010.11.03 update (below)
… And as it turned out, he wasn’t even in it (-o-)
Maybe he and Claude and Hana and the 3 silent ones will make (some) appearances in the upcoming OVAs…
Next one in Vol. 3 will be “Welcome to the Phantomhive’s” (unless they change the title last moment)

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