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黒執事II 第9話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.9 : setting how the story is progressing aside for now…

Posted on: August 26, 2010

… we got Ronald the lawnmower and William the garde… well all the shinigamis are gardeners somehow.
Yayyyyy!!!!!  Bring them (all the two-thumbs-up manga characters) all on, we’re only at episode 9!!
Though, I was hoping the animated Ronald would have a nicer color, or is it just my TV/monitor?

Anyways, ….
VIVA MEGANE-kun (plural)!!!  (*cough* oh my! pardon me!  Fangirl-mode inadvertantly got switched on)



and and and Claude also…megane!!!  @o@
Excuse me while I go feast my eyes on the megane-kun (plural) again….


(p.s. megane = 眼鏡 = glasses in case you don’t already know)

12 Responses to "黒執事II 第9話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.9 : setting how the story is progressing aside for now…"

haha when i saw ronald, i was like “OMG! Lawnmower power!” haha i remember him from the manga and didn’t realise that he was going to be put into the anime. this is soo exciting!! im full of happyness and sadness and angryness. i feel so hyper after watching it. claude u bastrd leave ciel alone!!! u know when they are dunking ciel in that water stuff, well we are doing r and j atm and we were talking about victorian era tortures and our teacher said about that one (as well as others) Im just so excited! ok i know i just really am, im a major fan of kuroshitsuji, but at least im not like those annoying fan girls even if i kinda sound like one atm

Yeah, Ronald was a very pleasant surprise!! William’s eyeglasses cliche is although old, but very refreshing and is tried and true, well it worked for me since I’m goo-goo-gaga for megane-kun (plural) LOL
It was clever that Sebastian knocks off William’s glasses to slip away! That was precious! I guess he obviously knows that shinigami can’t see in human world without glasses…. Hahahaha. I love Toboso-sensei!

haha yea hes pointing in the completely wrong direction, megane!, ill be saying that in jap class now and sensei will be like “where did u learn that?” “from pineapplefloats who also likes a awesome anime/manga and meanes” haha
that kinda reminds me how i call bocchan, boxchan now (dont ask lol)

Hahahaha!!! I love a megane character down on the knees looking for his glasses while muttering “megane, megane, megane”, hahahaha!!! For some reason, it just doesn’t get old for me!! ^__^

After Seeing this Episode I Hope Sebastian Kill Claudes Demonic ASS

Hahaha!!! Claude is evilish crazy!! 😀

that’s why i hope sebby kills his ass

I wouldn’t want Claude to die so soon.. It’s been a while we’ve seen such a deliciously devious villian :3

yeah well who gives a damn after Alois Had his contract violated

Hahahaha!! You guys are great! 😀

By the way, you saw Sebastian when he got “kicked out” by the brainwashed Ciel? Awesome expression! It was like what, “hurt” feeling shocked type of expression???!??!?! @o@
And ooh-yeah he’s pissed off. Claude might end up like Ash/Angela. See what you do when you see a poisonous spider? You either squash it or take it outside… Uhm, ok, but most of the time, what do you do?

Either way Claude’s ASS is Grass and Sebastian Is The Lawnmower

well they would do a better job at gardening then some people i know of (finni)

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