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Spoiler below:  don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.




… SO, Sebastian becomes Ciel’s butler for the eternity, haha!  Sebastian cannot, ever, eat Ciel’s soul, yeah!  😀

Thanks to Alois’ “himitsu” contract with Hannah:  That Ciel would wake up as a demon, after Alois returns the body to Ciel.
Happy ending for Alois.  He got to reunite with lil brother Luca.  Not only that, also with Claude and Hannah.  Shiawase na family of four!  😀  (wait, so what does that mean?  Hannah ate Claude’s soul as well, after he got nailed?)

Anyways, so, we now hope for the 3rd season.

But Sebastian went ahead and delivered Ciel’s obituary notice to the regular characters (except the 3 baka and Elizabeth; and left the Phantomhive Manor, leaving non-SD form Tanaka as the head butler).  So if there’s a sequel, wouldn’t that be kind of weird?  The shinigami (including the Undertaker) aside, what about the human ones?  Well, baka-ouji is easy to trick, and Lau is usually purposely clueless so…  Anyway, I’m sure Sebastian can do something about that later.  So, if there’s a sequel, please do the manga!

Ah, so sad!  Now what am I going to watch on Thursday nights?

And so….?????


Oh by the way, there’s going to be a special episode Ciel in Wonderland inserted in the Kuroshitsuji II DVD volume 2.
Also, the author also mentions on her blog that there’s going to be 6 OVA’s (included in the DVD’s)

…so, Hanna ate Luca’s soul, and all of Luca’s love for older brother Alois/Jim  remained and reside in Hanna (hehe, I suspected so)

SO, if Sebastian ever eats Ciel’s soul, what would happen?  😀  Interesting!

Next, if Claude eats Alois’ soul, then Alois’ love for Claude with reside within him and … wait, …??


I’ll just shut up and see what the producers/writer whip up next.

… Wait, whaaaht?!!  Sebastian said ‘…anticipating for the “最終回”…’ in the preview for next episode?!  @o@!! Nooo!!!!   NOOOO!!!!  Don’t tell me it’s a 12 eps 2nd season?!??!!!!   NOooooooo!!!  |@O@|

(pictures later, I wanna watch Shiki now.  A little Shiki plug here:  mmmm not bad indeed.  I cheated and went ahead to read the latest few manga chapters eheheh)

between Sebastian and Claude.


So wait, so could it be that Luca (Alois/Jim’s lil brother) made a contract with Hanna?…  to fulfil Alois’ wish?

… that would explain why Hanna doesn’t/didn’t mind being Alois’ punching bag…


Hey, Sebastian really knows how to use Grell, hahaha!!

(to be continued…)

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