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黒執事II 第10話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.10 : The deal is off…

Posted on: September 2, 2010

between Sebastian and Claude.


So wait, so could it be that Luca (Alois/Jim’s lil brother) made a contract with Hanna?…  to fulfil Alois’ wish?

… that would explain why Hanna doesn’t/didn’t mind being Alois’ punching bag…


Hey, Sebastian really knows how to use Grell, hahaha!!

(to be continued…)

8 Responses to "黒執事II 第10話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.10 : The deal is off…"

omfg! sebby’s hair flick priceless! i just cracked up laughing, cant wait for sub and next ep. claude fails as a butler haha

Hahaha! Man, watching Claude, how he drools over Ciel (puns yes? no?) is hilarious! And how he taunts Sebastian too! He’s gonna get massacred 😀

lol cluade yelling out the window and making sebby gealous. stupid claude cant even brush ciel’s teeth without having an orgasim haha, i hope he get massacred

I Hope Sebastion Kills CLaudes Ass And Revive Alois and have Hannah (or Sebby) be his Master

O yeah Sebby is gonna Kick Claude’s ASS do not pass go claudi do not collect 200 Pounds Boy go straight to hell CLaude and don’t you forget it

Hahaha!! You really “love” Claude now, don’t you ^o^
It’s understandable!
And Sebastian is being very gentlemanish, keeping his contract vow under Ciel to the core! (while clentching his fist/teeth) 😀

No i Despise Claude for What His Ass Did to Alois

welcome to the claude hatters, do u want fries with that?? i hated him at the start mainly cause he looks like sebxwills love child, then i hated him even more when he killed / finished off ect alois…

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