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黒執事II 第11話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.11 : Hanna…

Posted on: September 9, 2010

…so, Hanna ate Luca’s soul, and all of Luca’s love for older brother Alois/Jim  remained and reside in Hanna (hehe, I suspected so)

SO, if Sebastian ever eats Ciel’s soul, what would happen?  😀  Interesting!

Next, if Claude eats Alois’ soul, then Alois’ love for Claude with reside within him and … wait, …??


I’ll just shut up and see what the producers/writer whip up next.

… Wait, whaaaht?!!  Sebastian said ‘…anticipating for the “最終回”…’ in the preview for next episode?!  @o@!! Nooo!!!!   NOOOO!!!!  Don’t tell me it’s a 12 eps 2nd season?!??!!!!   NOooooooo!!!  |@O@|

(pictures later, I wanna watch Shiki now.  A little Shiki plug here:  mmmm not bad indeed.  I cheated and went ahead to read the latest few manga chapters eheheh)

6 Responses to "黒執事II 第11話 – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.11 : Hanna…"

I tell you this If Claude Eats Ceil’s Soul We All gonna Fall Out

i thought i was starting to understand what was going on until i saw whats going to happen next ep, but one thing i am pissed off about is that they said that they were going to have 13 eps but by the looks of it, its only going to be 12. god how many contracts do alois and ciel want, how many demons can someone make a contract with, and how much of their soul would each demon get? i feel sorry for ciel and alois, they have 3 demons fighting over two souls. and u know how hannah says about how she has luka’s feelings inside of her, i think thats a lie, she just said that to make alois like her more, since i dont know if u have forgotten, but somewhere in the manga it says that demons use sweet talk on humans to lure them or anything that would make the human think that they were on the same side or like the demon more, so basically i think that shes just sucking up to him, and it worked since now they made a contract, and if that thing about the human’s feelings becoming the demons wouldn’t claude, sebastian and hannah have all the feelings of all the human souls they have eaten??

oh god i did it again, sorry when i start typing i usally dont know when to stop, it would be nice if i would do that with my homework instead of talking about things i like, if claude or hannah eats ciel’s soul im going to fall of my chair (i dont hate hannah but still) and how sebby says at the preview for the next/last ep (LAST!!!!) well i cryed at the final of the first series and im suprised that i hardly cried when alois died, since i like alois… crap! i did it again. ok stop talking now

So Like I said If Claude Eats Seil soul we All going to fall out

btw u spelt ciel wrong twice and yes most likely

Oh Sorry But I Hope Hannah Or Sebastian Eats Ciel’s soul

same, but i would rather hannah have alois’s soul and sebby ciel’s soul, and well claude… he can have no ones soul

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