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黒執事II 第12話(最終回) – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.12 (Finale) : (¬_¬)

Posted on: September 16, 2010

Spoiler below:  don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.




… SO, Sebastian becomes Ciel’s butler for the eternity, haha!  Sebastian cannot, ever, eat Ciel’s soul, yeah!  😀

Thanks to Alois’ “himitsu” contract with Hannah:  That Ciel would wake up as a demon, after Alois returns the body to Ciel.
Happy ending for Alois.  He got to reunite with lil brother Luca.  Not only that, also with Claude and Hannah.  Shiawase na family of four!  😀  (wait, so what does that mean?  Hannah ate Claude’s soul as well, after he got nailed?)

Anyways, so, we now hope for the 3rd season.

But Sebastian went ahead and delivered Ciel’s obituary notice to the regular characters (except the 3 baka and Elizabeth; and left the Phantomhive Manor, leaving non-SD form Tanaka as the head butler).  So if there’s a sequel, wouldn’t that be kind of weird?  The shinigami (including the Undertaker) aside, what about the human ones?  Well, baka-ouji is easy to trick, and Lau is usually purposely clueless so…  Anyway, I’m sure Sebastian can do something about that later.  So, if there’s a sequel, please do the manga!

Ah, so sad!  Now what am I going to watch on Thursday nights?

And so….?????


Oh by the way, there’s going to be a special episode Ciel in Wonderland inserted in the Kuroshitsuji II DVD volume 2.
Also, the author also mentions on her blog that there’s going to be 6 OVA’s (included in the DVD’s)

6 Responses to "黒執事II 第12話(最終回) – Kuroshitsuji 2 ep.12 (Finale) : (¬_¬)"

So how in the Hell ciel Wake up as a Demon

i have mixed feelings about the final… (omg such a short message!)

I have more questions about the finale than answers Like Can demons die by jumping off A cliff? and How the Hell ciel even become a demon when he has on with another (Sebastian)? and How screw is Sebastian is Now

well the only way we know that they can defiently die is by a shinigami weapon or the demon sword. because of the contract alois made with hannah (when he was inside ciel), none of the demons would ever be able to eat ciel’s soul and he became a demon (something hannah gave to him) sebastian is not happy because now he has to serve ciel forever (because of their contract and cause ciel wont die cause he is a demon) and because after all that he didn’t get to eat ciel’s delicious soul and because he isn’t free to do whatever he pleases… i guess that kinda sums it up and answers some of your questions????? the only person who knows completely is yana toboso herself, but then she may have never made up the reasons to them, so even she doesn’t know. i hope that helps..

Has anyone realized that Sebastion looked so sad to be Ciel’s butler for eternity!!! I mean it makes sence but it made me feel so bad for Sebastion!!! And I liked Ciel in the first season but in this one he’s really arrogant….

Man look how pissed off Sebastian is Over the fact he lost his Meal

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