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I really don’t know what to write here…

But, since I いま黒執事に嵌ってます, most of my post here have been, so far, Kuroshitsuji. But since the anime’s about to end (but manga still lives on), I’ll try to “expand” my posts :p

My current weekly (updated 2010.3.28) “must-watch” anime are: Kuroshitsuji (I buy DVDs as they become released so I do rewatch haha), Gintama (ditto DVDs and hoping it continues soon), One Piece, Durarara!!, Kimi ni Todoke, BakaTest, ….

Must-read manga: instead of naming titles individually I’ll just put it this way: Weekly Shonen Jump (I read titles from WSJump the most; Gintama and D.Gray-man are a die-hard must!), G-Fantasy (namely Kuroshitsuji, PandoraHearts, Durarara!!.  LaLa (don’t laugh! I’m あくまで女の子ですから/double whack for yet another Kuroshitsuji pun).

Besides manga/anime? Tons of other stuffs too much mention, but they got nothing to do with anime/manga… 🙂

(as of 2010.03.28)

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