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(that’s on the same disk with the 5th Volume of Kuroshitusji II DVD)

… Some words of caution for the ultra die-hard to the core fans of Kuroshitsuji:  Watch at your own risk.

Why?  Because all of the characters (K1 and K2) that you have come to love and hate are all BUTCHERED!!!
And the oh-so-anticipated MOVIE (not) trailer preview won’t help either!!
Now, that being said, would that stop you from watching?  Pffff!  OF COURSE NOT! 😀
I’ll see if I can take some screen shots from my DVD, if I can figure it out.  For some reason OSX’s screen capture won’t let us take caps from DVD :/

Let’s just say, as I watched the OVA, I:  (1) dropped my jaw, and (2) fell off my seat, and (3) cried.  (ok, not really all that.  I laughed).  Anyway, I think when you guys watch it, it may relieve you of the hatred that you have felt towards certain characters, so it turns out it could serve as a psycho therapy for some of you guys :p

This time, Ciel in drag.  I mean, Ciel in disguise, undercover to catch a serial killer… (see K1)
…  Ok, I have Sebastian, and the top-hat (sort of) Ciel; now, do I want to shell out 7400 – 9975 yen for this one too?  (note, I’d buy Grell’s and William’s in a instant; wait, even better, if Sebastian is included in a position with Ciel a la ohimesama-dakko mode, I’d buy right away!)

Ciel considers it as a disgrace to the House of Phantomhive, and would carry this “secret” to the grave
(grave… if he’d have any, thanks to Sebastian)

Pictures first:

Cute, …so very cute!  Now, go grab them credit cards and start ordering.


Four years of super fun gone poof!  T_T
I’m so bummed out.  Why can’t they continue with Gintama fillers (like those you know which anime that fill the audience with loooooooooooog fillers when they’re too caught up with the manga).  That aside,  the producers and staff of Gintama are a talented gang, they could, COULD, get away with virtually anything with fillers, or they could run Ginpachi Sensei as fillers too (I mean, they used Ginpachi for ED’s, so why not), or or or..  whine whine rant rant, …ok.  I hope they will continue, someday, preferably soon.  The long running anime and manga are too popular for them to stop.  Come on sponsors, what are you trying to pull?  (as it turned out, Warner Brothers pulled it, the movie that is, tsk tsk)
Oh!  and TV TOKYO announced that they will have special selection re-runs on Mondays beginning April 5th @ 6PM.
And that the re-runs are「ただの再放送な訳がない!?」…  (O_o)  Ok, I don’t want to speculate! This fragile fan heart of mine had been (delightfully) betrayed several times ;-p  …  By the way, anybody noticed that the OP for ep. 201 is so rushed (scenes) and song cut short, with no sponsor announcement too?  Haha, ignore small sponsors, the staff look up to the almighty WB hahaha)
(Look, the only reason I haven’t died that Gintama anime ended is because Gintama manga is still running on a weekly basis.)

On a happier note, I can’t wait to see the upcoming Gintama movie!  Hey, Gin-chan is on the cover of “T” (Toho Cinema magazine), same pose as Tamaki Hiroshi (Gin-chan, a manga/anime character as popular as real life famous actor Tamaki?!),  haha!

Check out Warner Brothers Japan official Gintama Movie site for more details.  While you’re there, check out Tokyo Drift, they even have a racing car with Gintama movie promo on it.

So, how much did they spend on the making the movie?  They got Warner Brothers’s money, and look at all the promotions and promo goods, and later DVDs and hopefully BDs (that fans, me included, will be buying just cuz they’re there waiting to be bought)…  So, more money made, enough for more anime Gintama later then?  (hehe, wishful deduction)

**to be continued**

buy it!  XD

… excuse me while I go wipe my drools off….

[2010.02.17] ok, back.  Yes, do go buy the magazine!  It comes with a back to back pinup double poster of Sebastian/Ciel, and Claude/Alois.  …. ok, back to drools, oh wait, I haven’t got anymore left]

Alois & Seb Claude  d^.^
(sorry for the photo of the still-attached-to-the-magazine poster;
the other side of the poster is that of the mag cover)

Gin-chan figI want!!! @_@ <drool x 102… the sweets are not included so drool x 100>
(yeah and so I placed the pre-order for this awesome Gin-chan figure aru)

It’s a whopping 245 mm, costs 6024 yen, and free shipping @ Amazom Japan aru. Amiami is 5024 yen but you have to pay 500 yen for shipping so it’s same aru. Food? What food? You don’t need food aru.
I’ll add more pix later aru…

P.S. yeah, aru! You’re lucky I haven’t started adding necromancer or kimi unk*…)

More pix here…
FIG-IPN-0510_04Detailed right down to the dead fish eyes.  Pretty cool, eh?  😀

That is, according to April 2009 issue of G-Fantasy, the Kuroshitsuji anime post recording report corner.
And this time, it was for the finale (*sniff) episode.
Apparently, the 1st half involves some serious battle between (or should I say, including) Undertaker, William, Grell. And we’ll get to see the usually composed William getting mad (wooo~!). Next, of course Ash/Angela getting in a trance, and then a big surprise for fans:

We’ll get to see Sebastian’s true form!!

(and to Toboso-san and assistant’s surprise, he’s wearing stilleto (pinheel)… @.@ huh?! haha! okkkkay… They said that he appeared in the original manga with that too). Where? you mean I have to visually scan all 6 volumes to fine tune a tiny pic that’s semi-blocked by huge sound effect writings? But beyond this, please don’t tell me Sebasu-chan is like Ash/Angela! I don’t want to be traumatized again A^.^;
For the time being, let me just assume they’re talking about Grell wearing stilleto.

The shoe in question…p-1600-1200-49a85fd7-2061-4769-8f1a-106e00f226d6.jpegfrom G-Fantasy 2009.04 issue

Anyway, and then Ciel (will) say (I guess in a gentle or concerned voice) to the battle damaged Sebastian, “Does it hurt?” (¬_¬) (@.@)
<< actually, after watching ep.24, it turns out that Ciel’s asking Sebastian if it (him taking his soul) would hurt.  To which he answers, a bit, but he’d do it as gentle as possible >>

Also, there will be Soma, Agni, Elizabeth, Paula in the next episode… Does that mean… they have a new season in mind???!!! Am I only day/nightdreaming?

OK! I officially, cannot wait to see the final episode!!!

By the way, ch.31 of the manga is quite… hmm… children getting killed is a bit harsh. But hey! The cultish mystery of what Ciel went through a couple of years ago seems to be coming to light. Let’s hope the manga is not ending either!!!

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