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kuroshitsuji-20“Humph! You think this is bad? I’ll get 2 more bitch slaps from that chibisuke my master few minutes later. Stay tuned, my pets!”
(Yes, this week our Sebastian gets whupped and slapped, and gets shown some six packs; all for the sake of cheap rating)

Hmmmm…. what can I say about this episode??
I don’t like it!!! (ToT) It’s wrong, all wrong!!! What’s with Angela’s new “dress”? But more importantly, why did they make Lau that way? In the 2nd CD Drama (with the mangaka’s cooperation), he and LanMao were “saved” by Phantomhive & Co. from what’s his name (forgot name, but he’s a hentai Chinese mafia boss), so Lau owes Ciel. But this episode, this episode… (grumbles), and Abelein? What’s up with that?! Cheap I tell ya, cheap emotional rollercoaster that didn’t have too much of an effect (although I kind of understand why Sebastian let it go that way; I mean after all Abelein effortlessly beat Sebastian at making the Undertaker rofl).
I call for a rewrite! ….Alright, since they already aired it, I’ll just ignore this abomination they called an episode, and look forward to next week’s 😀
<<For argument’s sake, I took this droolworthy (depending on your state of mind) screencap of Sebasuchan to counter the story in this episode. Be thankful!>>

P.S. I don’t know how in the world I forgot such easy to remember name of that mafia boss. it’s Lee.
(voiced by Ginchan Sugita-san)

For those who refuse to accept anime Lau’s fate, check out this 2nd CD Drama
黒執事 華麗なるドラマCD

Lau + LanMao’s first meeting w. Phantomhive & Co. story is in the「その執事, 武踏」part of the Drama CD.
The case that Ciel & Sebastian are investigating involves numerous female corpes that are popping around in an alarming rate, and all got one thing in common: their feet are missing…
…and what Ciel has to do in order to catch the perpetrator 😀

The story is actually quite good. But don’t take my word for it, check it out! Sugita-san’s voice as Lee is …as expected of Sugita-san. And in certain parts, appears quite ecchi if you take it “the other way”… A^_^;

Kuroshitsuji Nendoroido Sebastian Michaelis

This is the prototype model for the Kuroshitsuji Nendoroid Sebastian M. figure that’s going to be released summer 2009. It’s made by Good Smile Company. The limbs are movable. There is no price yet. Of course, the official release figure is in full color. More info later. Anyway, it’s so cute!

Uh… I realize I’ve been posting Kuroshitsuji only so far ^_^; But due to time on the computer and biased preference, anything Kuroshitsuji is catching my attention, haha! I’ll do better next time, or Gintama and Natsume are going to hire hitman Reborn to hound me…

That said, it’s time for me to go watch Kuroshitsuji 19! (dodges reader’s flying stones)

<<update 2009.03.24 below>>
Alright, here are the pictures of finished Sebastian Nendoroid 🙂
Seb-cute3You can change his body parts and attach a nyanko too. All at your disposal and costs 3500 yen, but if you order from certain toyshops you can buy it at around 2500 yen or maybe even a bit less 🙂
The entire figure is approx. 100mm tall. Stand is included. And here I go preorder now…. (uhh wait…price shopping first; yes, I’m cheap! It’s not on sale till end of July 2009 anyway)

For more information see

-Pictures taken from amiami, which is probably the store I end up buying from ^.^;

Publishing date: 2009.02.10

61kewprg2ul_ss500_アニメージュ 2009年 03月号 [雑誌]

The 2009.03 issue of Animage not only has this beautiful cover, it’s got a pin-up of the same picture inside (and the reverse pic has Agni, Sebastian, Grell occupying 1/2 page), along with a whole bunch of Kuroshitsuji scoops… as it leads to the finale. So I guess what, ep.24 is finale? If so, I really hope they come up with another season! I want to see the circus arc animated!

Publishing date: 2009.02.10
pash-200903-00000384_3PASH (パッシュ) ! 2009年 03月号 [雑誌]

This one is also packed with loads of Kuroshitsuji info: A whopping 11 pages. Natsume Yuujinchou fans will be happy too. Also included are posters of the cover, FMA, GUNDAM 00, …

Oh, although not on the cover, Kuroshitsuji also is in Animedia this month.

Publishing date: 2009.02.10
アニメディア 2009年 03月号 [雑誌]

There’s a booklet on Kuroshitsuji, besides some more info… Angela giving Sebastian a good whuppin’ (what??!!) Well, I guess she’s trying to put him in his proper place a la inquisition way… What’m I talking about?!! I guess pic is worth a thousand words.

Buy them all! Have a piece of Kuroshitsuji memory on your bookshelf! (magazine rack)

Release Date: 2009.03.19

Limited Edition
黒執事 ファントム アンド ゴースト 爵位認定ボックス(限定版)

Normal Edition
黒執事 ファントム アンド ゴースト(通常版)



Looks like they’ve sold out the Limited Edition initially. They might sell more after the release date, but probably the price won’t be discounted…

The Limited Edition (Earl Recognition Box)「限定版爵位認定BOX」includes the following goodies:

c20090113_kuro_04_cs1w1_640x3931 Phantomhive Family Crest ring (replica! you silly), for those of you who dream of stealing Ciel’s ring for ransom.

c20090113_kuro_06_cs1w1_640x393 Phantomhive crest bearing wax (to be used to seal envelope using the ring above to make the seal. For those of you who want to make your invitation to a death match duel with your fellow fangirls an official one.

c20090113_kuro_05_cs1w1_640x393 Cell phone screen cleaner strap (with Phantomhive family crest); for those whose cell phone actually has a slot to attach a strap to, and who’d actually use it to clean the dirty sweat and oil on the cell phone screen (@.@;

Official website is here.

New book.

9784757525054Kuroshitsuji Characters Guide – 黒執事 キャラクターガイド その執事、集合
Release Date: 2009.02.27
ISBN: 978-475752505

It’s a characters guide book. Includes settei roughs, characters info, etc, (so I assume it’s anime geared), and also interview with the author, 3-fold poster… I’m sold! 😀

* Update 2009.03.02
I’m very surprised! It is an extremely good quality, very high quality book. It is also hardback!
The poster insert is from the same image that you see on the cover, very cute! The book provide a good wealth of Kuroshitsuji info from the original works (manga). I really recommend it for Kuroshitsuji fans! The mangaka’s rough sketches of the characters are awesome too!
By the way, for fans of the anime Kuroshitsuji, there’s another book that will be released on 2009.03.27 “TV Animation Kuroshitsuji Black Record”. Will provide info on it later!

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