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We all know that for his “master” Ciel, Sebastian would employ any method that would bring forth the best result within the fastest time frame.



Well, I think I shouldn’t spoil this “method” used in ep.17 until more people have already watched. But to me, it came rather surprising, or shocking, nah, actually rather ‘funny’ in the sense of the production staff overexagerating the method employed, yet it brought my reaction to a big sweat drop (imagine manga/anime style of sweat drop). So yes, the “coughs warning” for episode 17 at the end of episode 16 was, shall we say, very appropriate, haha!! Big fans (and I emphasize ‘big ‘ in fans) of Sebastian may find themselves watching in misbelief or shock or sad, or happy or like …”Hey..!”. Now, what are you waiting for? Watch the episode! (so I can spoil the story)

Updated 2009.02.10

<Spoiler! -of the part that broke many Japanese female fans’ hearts, especially those who dream of Sebastian doing it with a guy rather than a girl… oh well, they can always turn to doujinshi- Alert!> in ep 17, under the order of Her Majesty the Queen (Victoria), it was critical to obtain information that is important for the current mission. And, what better way than to work from the inside? (あれっ、変なこと言った?)So, Sebastian uses his charm and charmed a cult sister into bed to obtain any mission-critical information necessary…. Haha! This sounds like James Bond 007. (Little) Ciel finds out that Sebastian can even use this type of method 「こういう手も使うのか、あいつは」, and Grell commits again the same no-no as before (Madam Red arc) by writing the girl’s name on his Death Note Black Book of Death prematurely. This might have William crush his head even harder while taking away his Death kiddy Scissors this time. Anyway, it was very effective, as they got the information they needed, and that something indeed smells fishy… (I can’t help it but put it that way). I laughed so hard when pokerface Sebastian commented 「どうにもにおいますね」He could be saying that about “heaven” because he’s a demon/devil, and he could be saying that about the case that he and Ciel are currently working on, and yet again he could be saying that about the… well, it’s up to the audience interpretation, hahaha! <End Spoiler Alert>

By the way, ep.17 has a new OP animation (song is still same s2 song

Of course, for those who also follow the manga, this comes in no big surprise (see manga chapter 28-29 Noah’s arc (i.e. Circus arc). We see our Sebastian digging information in certain places (pun intended, haha) Come on girls, you can deny all you want, but you’ve got to be blind if you don’t know what’s going on. Never mind the position of the (fake) limb (this site is not R rated so I won’t go into detail about the birds and the bees :p)

P.S. I do realize that this is the first post for my blog, instead of an introduction or welcome post. But since Kuroshitsuji is one of my top manga/anime, I kind of jumped in. But be warned, my subsequent posts will include spoilers, I’ll include <spoil alert> somewhere when there is any. (Although, a spoil for you might not be the same as a spoil for me…) Also since posts under, “黒執事 Kuroshitsuji” in particular, is geared more towards people who are fluent in both English and Japanese, there are no surprises when you find the writings have mixed languages. We can discuss about the show’s scripts, what you think of the episodes, the manga, the anime, the voices behind Kuroshitsuji, etc etc… Again, this is my first post, so I’ll elaborate later ^_^

Next, let me put my random thoughts here, I’ll organize later….

Sebastian is a demon/devil, so he’s not really bound to whatever method he can “employ” (in this case, ‘do’), as long as he gets his assigned job done in a timely manner :p His comment (followup) to the nun’s ‘heaven’ is also another big sweat drop A^.^;

I was kind of bummed that the anime appears not to be going towards the Noah’s arc, so that we get to see more of William. But the Angela arc is very interesting too!! I think Angela and Ash are the same person (or rather, the same being), which will make it so complicated, since Ash is the Queen’s ‘white’ butler, an angel…. hmm… and Sebastian is Ciel’s ‘black’ butler, a demon/devil… I mean, Ash is the one giving (by the Queen’s order) the cases to be solved/resolved… to Phantomhive, whose butler is a demon. And those cases are supposed to be ridding the ‘evils’ of the society, etc etc…, and Ciel/Sebastian takes care of them, with a degree of success, so the akuma is doing good for the society and… Ok, my head is spinning now…
What? So Angela wants to steal, I mean redeem Ciel’s soul from Sebastian? Or is Angela another of those angels with split personalities whose inflated self-rightiousness contributes to even more chaotic craziness twists and turns?

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