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… we got Ronald the lawnmower and William the garde… well all the shinigamis are gardeners somehow.
Yayyyyy!!!!!  Bring them (all the two-thumbs-up manga characters) all on, we’re only at episode 9!!
Though, I was hoping the animated Ronald would have a nicer color, or is it just my TV/monitor?

Anyways, ….
VIVA MEGANE-kun (plural)!!!  (*cough* oh my! pardon me!  Fangirl-mode inadvertantly got switched on)



and and and Claude also…megane!!!  @o@
Excuse me while I go feast my eyes on the megane-kun (plural) again….


(p.s. megane = 眼鏡 = glasses in case you don’t already know)


??!?!??!!!  ??!??!?!! ????!!!? ????? !!!!!!
No, there’s nothing wrong with your browser or font encoding.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I’m once again, confused.  Considering how much air time plus CM’s and posters they’ve put up so far.


WARNING:  do not read the discussion/comments if you don’t want spoilers. 😀



The following might be a possible explanation they canned Alois (Jim MK-something)…

What about Grell then?  I guess he’s in the original manga, thus making him untouchable :p


WARNING:  The above is tabloid headline to catch your attention.

Below is the brief summary of the truth…

… which serves as another brief summary of this episode, as well.

And so I watched ep.6, and am now less confused, by about 20%, mostly because I don’t agree with how it’s going.  But, what the heck, I’ll just keep watching.
It does try to bridge the reason why Sebastian didn’t eat Ciel’s soul (from the last episode of season 1), and ultimately why Alois/Claude are obsessed with Ciel (in season 2).  Hopefully it won’t disappoint too much as the 2nd season progresses 😀
See?  The writers didn’t need to do all these if they had stuck with the manga story.  Now where am I going to see the Circus arc animated?  (yeah I’m whining again haha)

Oh, so they made it so that Ciel “lost his memory”?  How convenient.  We fans just “play along too”, then.
Soma and Agni combi is …. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  But they are too lovable too heheh.  Hey, did I mention the voice actor for Agni is kinda cute.  Uh, ok, slap me back to the anime world.

So this episode tries to bridge the O_o? and the O_o? ‘s.  But I’m still trying to bridge it myself.  How can the entire Londoners forget that there was a gigantic dog burning up the city (K1) too?   Oh, wait!  Sebastian is, after all (and akuma de), a Man in Black; no doubt he’s got one of those  Memory Eraser devices.  I guess this part of  the mystery solved then.

But back to Trancy/Phantomhive.  I’m getting a feeling that my gut feeling is correct.  Ciel may have been “made to shame” at Trancy’s lair three years ago.  All those memory lapses/flashes as he looks around the Trancy house.
So now what?  Wait for the next episode.  Oh, we’ll get to see some butler vs butler action, let’s get ready for some eating utensils thrown around!  (kids, do not try this at home)

Pictures later.

This time, Ciel in drag.  I mean, Ciel in disguise, undercover to catch a serial killer… (see K1)
…  Ok, I have Sebastian, and the top-hat (sort of) Ciel; now, do I want to shell out 7400 – 9975 yen for this one too?  (note, I’d buy Grell’s and William’s in a instant; wait, even better, if Sebastian is included in a position with Ciel a la ohimesama-dakko mode, I’d buy right away!)

Ciel considers it as a disgrace to the House of Phantomhive, and would carry this “secret” to the grave
(grave… if he’d have any, thanks to Sebastian)
Just saw episode 4.   And my reaction was:  ‘where can I get a butler like that?!’  I was talking to myself , but a family member heard and straight out answered “well, you could sell your soul to pay for one…”  Uhm, it’s ok, as much as I like Sebastian, I rather keep my own soul thank you very much!  But, a butler who can stop a train (among other stuffs), dang!
Episode 5 is going to be very interesting!  We’ll get to see Phantomhive+Trancy interaction.  What Cloud told Sebastian towards the last scene of ep. 4 is perking my interest level.  I’m now wondering,  could it be that Ciel and Alois are after the same “group” that ‘messed’ them up?  Could Alois’ supposedly ‘dad’ be one of the group members?  No wait, ep 3 mentioned that Trancy family also works for the Majesty…. hmmmm….
Huh? what?  where’s my review for ep.3?  It’s summer, it’s hot!, I got lazy!  I do that later (whine whine whine).  Grell’s voice is still creeping me out, gotta give it to Fukuyama Jun.  He’s good!  😀
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