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(by the way, so Tanaka-san says it’s the 2nd time he went through fire at Phantomhive’s, ….wait… ok, so how come he’s the only one who survived the 1st time fire and all, not to mention the 2nd time too, and, and, and… wait wait wait, and that all he can do is record the incidents, and that’s about to be finished too, and … wait wait wait…. don’t tell me, he’s actually …. a ghost….??? (that everyone can see) O_o? o_O? (謎2)

プップップップップッPuru-puru!!! Noooooooooooh!!!!
Tanaka-san do something! Maybe you’re the only one who can slap (some senses into) Ciel instead!

Well, my “premonition” about Ash and Angela may be correct, but…
don’t drag Puru-Puru down too!! Time like this is necessary to call on Toboso-san to whip up Puru-Puru into the manga, so his life may not be endangered. Nod nod!
My prediction: Despite Sebastian’s “I don’t like dogs”, he’ll make his appearance and “conveniently” saves the puppy… or at least destroys the collar… hmm….

I want to escape this harsh episode-before-the-last by playing the Kuroshitsuji DS game now…

More to come …. (to be continued…)

There, plot summary for eps. 23 is as follows (and this is why Sebastian decided to go back to being Ciel’s butler…in a way) :-p

いろんな意味で… ↓


kuroshitsuji-23-btif1a little later…