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Pictures first:

Cute, …so very cute!  Now, go grab them credit cards and start ordering.



Go to the Kuroshitusji official site,  click on Introduction.  There you’ll find Kuroshitsuji II PV to please your eyes and ears.

Oh! Forgot to mention.  If you guys watch Durarara!! anime, on episode 12, check out Karisawa’s cell phone’s mail alert sound.  It’s Sebastian saying the line “坊ちゃん、メールでございます (Bocchan, Mail de gozaimasu)” 😀   By the way, her friend Walker’s mail alert is Jigoku Shoujo’s creepy line “一遍、死んで見る?(Do you want to try dying for once?)”

buy it!  XD

… excuse me while I go wipe my drools off….

[2010.02.17] ok, back.  Yes, do go buy the magazine!  It comes with a back to back pinup double poster of Sebastian/Ciel, and Claude/Alois.  …. ok, back to drools, oh wait, I haven’t got anymore left]

Alois & Seb Claude  d^.^
(sorry for the photo of the still-attached-to-the-magazine poster;
the other side of the poster is that of the mag cover)

R.I.P. anime Ciel

It’s been decided that anime Kuroshitsuji 2 will start in July 2010 (info from Special event). With all new cast. The new butler’s voice actor is Sakurai Takahiro, and the new master’s v.a. is Mizuki Nana:
*New butler = クロード・フォースタス [ Claude Fosters? Fausters? Faustas? (my English spelling, could be wrong)]
*New bocchan = アロイス・トランシー [ Alois Trancy? (again, my English spelling so it could be wrong]

I’m so bummed!! But at least the new characters are Toboso-san’s own character design. (see manga volume 8’s back paper strip for those 2 new characters) Man, and I thought those 2 were just new cast characters within the Kuroshitsuji story; turned out to be brand new cast! SO, that means anime Ciel and those 3 helps (minus Tanaka) died in Kuroshitsuji 1 ($%!)?>@#!!!) Oh well, we still got the manga ongoing)

Anyway… Claude’s new line is officially「私は、あなたを『飽くまで』貪りたい」(Watakushi wa, anata wo [‘akuma’de] musaboritai). Let’s see, how would I translate this…
How about translated loosely as “I’m, afterall, here to fulfill your orders” as a double meaning to “I want to (akuma de) feed on you till I’m full” (note the “akuma” as Sebastian’s double meaning “Akuma-de Shitsuji desu kara”).
Well, I mean, literally, it (the new line) could be translated as “I want to crave for you till I’m full” too, hahahaha!!

New butler (hmm…glasses) + new master.
*(my bad!) Bocchan is set to be blonde, blue eyes.  And Claude wears glasse and answers to Alois with “Yes, your highness.”

Man, I’m gonna miss Sebastian/Ciel combination. I was SO hoping they’d do the FMA2 thing and totally follow the manga on Kuroshitsuji 2 but…. Oh well. Glad I bought all the DVDs and CDs for later viewings and listenings 😀
But I’m sure I’ll come to like the new Kuroshitsuji 2. Official name: 黒執事 II ( Kuroshitsuji II )

Finally! The long awaited special episode! And, it doesn’t disappoint 🙂
I already posted what the story is about in one of my previous posts. And since the magazine sort of spoiled it a bit about who might be playing the rolls in Hamlet, it wasnt too surprising about Grell haha!! But, to my surprise, this special episode included a very nice (LOL) commercial of “Funtom” brand puppy food (Pluto fans rejoice!). And a VERY special “SNEAK” preview of the new series  KUROSHITSUJI , I mean KUROSUSHIYA (wink wink, woah woah, down boys and girls, it’s a parody.  Manga fans would be familiar about this if they take the outside covers off to reveal the suprise on the actual attached covers).
Overall, this special episode made me a very happy fan!!

I’ll post more images from the video later…. And perhaps someone can elaborate more about what’s up with Lao and the Undertaker (in the ‘supposedly’ Hamlet a la Kuroshitsuji version). But here is uhm… a nightmare of a Grell Ophelia……

Grell...… N…n…no, no comment….
(of all the screencaps, why I posted this one first is,… beyond comprehension even to myself, and I’m the one who took the screencap)
(blog to be continued….)

To the visitor who asked if “that song” would be included in the BLACK BOX.  Yes it is!  Such beautiful song!

The song’s name is “Si deus me relinquit” (Latin: If god abandons me).  It’s the 2nd song on the 2nd CD in the BLACK BOX 🙂

Kuroshitsuji fans, you really should get the album!  This OST includes ‘everything’!  The Hindu theme songs (Soma arc)  are cool!


Release date:  2009.08.26
3990 Yen

(Note  for those who don’t usually watch Gintama:   these screencaps are unaltered from the episode)

Akumade Gin-chan desu kara

Gintama171-K-ELady 神楽あるですわ
Lady Kagura aru desu wa

Hahaha!  Not really!  Just another Gintama parody goodie 😀  I guess they like their hair :p  (Wanna bet the Gintama staff also like Kuroshitsuji?  😀
(or will it be as the 1st half’s title suggests :p

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