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This time, Ciel in drag.  I mean, Ciel in disguise, undercover to catch a serial killer… (see K1)
…  Ok, I have Sebastian, and the top-hat (sort of) Ciel; now, do I want to shell out 7400 – 9975 yen for this one too?  (note, I’d buy Grell’s and William’s in a instant; wait, even better, if Sebastian is included in a position with Ciel a la ohimesama-dakko mode, I’d buy right away!)

Ciel considers it as a disgrace to the House of Phantomhive, and would carry this “secret” to the grave
(grave… if he’d have any, thanks to Sebastian)

Pictures first:

Cute, …so very cute!  Now, go grab them credit cards and start ordering.


Kuroshitsuji Nendoroido Sebastian Michaelis

This is the prototype model for the Kuroshitsuji Nendoroid Sebastian M. figure that’s going to be released summer 2009. It’s made by Good Smile Company. The limbs are movable. There is no price yet. Of course, the official release figure is in full color. More info later. Anyway, it’s so cute!

Uh… I realize I’ve been posting Kuroshitsuji only so far ^_^; But due to time on the computer and biased preference, anything Kuroshitsuji is catching my attention, haha! I’ll do better next time, or Gintama and Natsume are going to hire hitman Reborn to hound me…

That said, it’s time for me to go watch Kuroshitsuji 19! (dodges reader’s flying stones)

<<update 2009.03.24 below>>
Alright, here are the pictures of finished Sebastian Nendoroid 🙂
Seb-cute3You can change his body parts and attach a nyanko too. All at your disposal and costs 3500 yen, but if you order from certain toyshops you can buy it at around 2500 yen or maybe even a bit less 🙂
The entire figure is approx. 100mm tall. Stand is included. And here I go preorder now…. (uhh wait…price shopping first; yes, I’m cheap! It’s not on sale till end of July 2009 anyway)

For more information see

-Pictures taken from amiami, which is probably the store I end up buying from ^.^;

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