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(that’s on the same disk with the 5th Volume of Kuroshitusji II DVD)

… Some words of caution for the ultra die-hard to the core fans of Kuroshitsuji:  Watch at your own risk.

Why?  Because all of the characters (K1 and K2) that you have come to love and hate are all BUTCHERED!!!
And the oh-so-anticipated MOVIE (not) trailer preview won’t help either!!
Now, that being said, would that stop you from watching?  Pffff!  OF COURSE NOT! 😀
I’ll see if I can take some screen shots from my DVD, if I can figure it out.  For some reason OSX’s screen capture won’t let us take caps from DVD :/

Let’s just say, as I watched the OVA, I:  (1) dropped my jaw, and (2) fell off my seat, and (3) cried.  (ok, not really all that.  I laughed).  Anyway, I think when you guys watch it, it may relieve you of the hatred that you have felt towards certain characters, so it turns out it could serve as a psycho therapy for some of you guys :p

Finally! The long awaited special episode! And, it doesn’t disappoint 🙂
I already posted what the story is about in one of my previous posts. And since the magazine sort of spoiled it a bit about who might be playing the rolls in Hamlet, it wasnt too surprising about Grell haha!! But, to my surprise, this special episode included a very nice (LOL) commercial of “Funtom” brand puppy food (Pluto fans rejoice!). And a VERY special “SNEAK” preview of the new series  KUROSHITSUJI , I mean KUROSUSHIYA (wink wink, woah woah, down boys and girls, it’s a parody.  Manga fans would be familiar about this if they take the outside covers off to reveal the suprise on the actual attached covers).
Overall, this special episode made me a very happy fan!!

I’ll post more images from the video later…. And perhaps someone can elaborate more about what’s up with Lao and the Undertaker (in the ‘supposedly’ Hamlet a la Kuroshitsuji version). But here is uhm… a nightmare of a Grell Ophelia……

Grell...… N…n…no, no comment….
(of all the screencaps, why I posted this one first is,… beyond comprehension even to myself, and I’m the one who took the screencap)
(blog to be continued….)

August 2020